Death, faith, logical hearts, intellectual grace, atheistic tendencies grounded in psychological dependencies – eat, excrete, unite, break up, our cup runneth over, yet we want to give up –

– wrapped in fear of an elusive conception, a heavy weapon indeed when used with intention –

– living devotion, doubts and emotion, flowing upstream to escape the commotion – in the Guru shishya parampara if grace was the foundation of our forma terra –

– blessed but not free if our light we betray, blessed but not free when we just turn away –

– falling to my knees I just give it up – the cup, the forma – You alone are enough.



Painting Our Illusions in 108 words a day.


    1. I made sure everything was available on Google search before I hit publish. At least people can learn some new words if they want… although I may have taken some poetic and grammatical liberties here and there…

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  1. not free when we just turn away

    The shackles and tendrils of hate and fears are not eluded by mere turning away. Unfortunately the embrace of love and understanding are dismissed much more easily or so it seems to me. The dark side is an infection (malware) but the light is an invitation we must embrace to absorb.

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