The ease of propaganda machines have me going back to basics, reminding myself that one plus one is two regardless of who is used to state it. It is not like mysticism plays a roll in the world of politics – it is just practical selfishness where someone always makes a profit. At least if within ourselves we are clear on in what we do believe, we can decipher all the bullshit that’s delivered from the mouths of thieves – for we are lifted by each other’s hands whether we are willing or not to face it; we are each other’s caretakers whether we want or not to embrace it.



Painting Our Illusions in 108 words a day.


  1. I like how each day the 108 words you offer make me think. I sometimes wonder how close my interpretations come to what you had in mind when you wrote them. Regardless, reading and thinking about them has many levels of value to me.


    1. Yeah, you’re right, I forgot my oneness here… too many poems, so pick and choosing everyday what eyes I want to write from… Just like in anything else, some bad apples are there and get all the attention and all the good ones go unnoticed.


      1. No, no, no… just the opposite. I believe you demonstrate the oneness of it all here. I was not making a point in opposition, but commending how you tied it all together.


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