Sometimes we forget that as a people we are indeed capable of complex thought, and rest in the fact that we are passion driven animals fighting fire with fire, drowning in base emotional motivations, letting darkness define us, but we shouldn’t forget that love is also a base emotion, that we can find beauty in more than just our own devotions, that fact and fiction have nothing to do with words that are written, but the breath that flows between both the predator and victim – oneness is not a philosophy, it’s scientific wisdom, unity is not about familial ties, but the strength to see through another’s eyes.



Painting our illusions in 108 words a day.


        1. Glad you are home safe! Well, on my phone, I have heart emotis. On my computer… I don’t, so I type the less than symbol < and the number 3 … then a space after. Together, they make a sideways heart, which becomes a red heart once you post the reply. You can tell what device I'm using because I post yellow hearts from my phone. 🙂

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