I used to have a lot of “spiritual” dreams, but now I dream of mostly worldly things; I guess we dwell on what we think will make us happy, instead of what sustains us religiously. I often pray that death takes me before I loose all dignity – the ingenuity of a prayer that asks God to figure it out – in the name of freedom we cling on to our individuality with one hand and take support from the world with the other, but the world only sustains what will return to it as ashes, just as the eternal never exists separate from what, in us, is everlasting.



Painting our illusions in 108 words a day.


  1. So true… and indicative of our constant need for balance. As spiritual beings… fervent spiritual beings… it is characteristic to judge ourselves harshly against the measure of transcendent qualities versus earthly desires. I try to remember that, as God’s creation, I am deeply loved regardless of my “less than” attributes, and the simple fact that I am always striving toward divinity pleases God’s heart. God made us “human” and knows the challenges that entails for our altruistic souls. We are a constant ebb and flow of flesh and spirit. 🙂

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