The saddest thing is

walking this world obsessed with creed, nationality, and class, arguing with our brothers, demeaning our sisters, forgetting our fathers, abusing our mothers, finding fault with all around us, and seeing only that which can be manipulated,

as well as

finding the beauty in every blade of grass, mastering the arts, filling ourselves up with knowledge, thanking God for giving food, family and shelter, giving freely to charities without thought of personal gain, praising until we have no voice left

and still never

looking within and seriously trying to understand what exactly is the purpose of our lives; never asking ourselves, “who am I?”



Painting our illusions in 108 words a day.


  1. Who am I? I could say I’m just a nobody, observing all the rights and wrongs of the human race. But I am not a nobody, I am one humble person trying to convince the human race that we could all learn to live to together. Tidy up our act on pollution, as in anything that acts as a force against nature, can be likens to signing a death warrant for all of humanity. At the end of the day there will only be one winner, Mother Nature, Sounds simple, because it is, it seems we have all forgot that it is Mother Nature that nurtures all life, and all we the human race do is impede in every which way we can.

    I hasten to add that I am aware that there is a minority who are also of the same mind. To us I say, “Stay focused, get the word out there”!


  2. Very thought provoking. I’m not sure that I would agree that if people did the all the behaviors in the second part but didn’t look for purpose and “who am I” they would necessarily fit into the “saddest thing” label. It is much easier for me to see that designation with the first set of behaviors.

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