A little secret, from me to you, when times get hard, you’re actin’ the fool, there’s an easy way to get back your groove, I call it the F.U. attitude –

– inspired by Metallica’s: Kill ‘em All, but we’re spiritual folk, without the assassin’s call, not wanting death, we just need them out of our space, hence, F ‘em all is the kinder, gentler way –

– get a dirty look, F ‘em all – get taken for granted, F ‘em all – get unkind words tossed your way, F ‘em all, F ‘em all, F ‘em all –

– for emotional stability, without lasting damage to relationships, just sit back and think, F ‘em all.



Painting our illusions in 108 words a day.

This little gem was inspired by Bill Friday’s thoughts on Breathing.


  1. USA so polarized of right or left. I am so disgusted with rages of all these particular groups of opposing groups. It is no longer a matter of disagreement. The others become actual enemies to be hated , repulsed and destroyed. With all this political correctness and celebration of multiculturalism and alternative gender life styles and Christian bashing all the common denominators that make us Americans have evaporated. I used to dread aging (now 68) and hoped death would remain distant but I am no longer anxious about death. I don’t want to live to see continued disintegration. The repulsive or ignorant things people believe is astonishing.


    1. My Dad, whose getting up there, 76, holds the opposite view – after seeing so much change for the better during his lifetime, he doesn’t want to die while Trump is still in office. Just wouldn’t be fair. Not like life is about fair though…


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