Got EMOTIONS reigning in all caps, shading my vision, twisting the facts, all I see are possibilities lost in my own triviality,

“blasphemous treason,” my spirit tries to say, but I’m callous to reason on these kinda days, counting my vasanas in all kinda ways – the macro, the micro, the nurtured, the viral – burning up all logic to ensure illusions’ survival,

there’s no sport in a war where divinity goes unrivaled, so I ready my demons for the trial of trials, so I steady my vision on the trifling and bane, grasping at freedom with an anchor and chains,

or maybe, this is just one of those days.


Painting our illusions in 108 words a day.


For a pick me up, check out Raashi Kulkarni:


  1. This is very powerful. I’m not sure if something is in the air, but.breaking illusions seem to be everywhere. That rhymes, but it seems to be prevalent. I don’t know if it is.

    I do like your post.

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