Time Flies Back Like the Wind

Time flies like the wind, that’s what is written in the books. I think he who wrote these words is not alive anymore, otherwise he should take a look back at it. I will tell you why. Here in Syria, a glance at the near future makes me think my daughter and my younger sister will have to fight for the same reasons my mom had to fight for. Mom had to fight for her right to higher education, for her freedom of choice which could be ranging from her freedom to choose what her hair would look like or whether she wants to wear hijab or not, to the freedom of how she wants to raise her kids.

In my life, I didn’t have to fight for women stuff. I didn’t even think I would be writing or thinking about this issue. Now some will say that I am too pessimistic, but here there are many signs that I should be concerned and I will mention few :

The First One:

When I look at this picture I think to myself, how do I want my little sister to be like when her friends might become like this picture? What a hard choice she must be making. Will she want to be a rabbit eaten by a wolf or will she be another wolf in the cattle? I never had to face such a problem when I was younger neither my mom had to nor my grandma.






The Second One:

Establishing the Authority for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.


Oh lord.. could I be happier! Now If you don’t know what this authority means you can watch this video:


Now, my little sister and I and even my mom and every other woman are no more than an amusement tool and could be used for regenerating the human race .

We either must obey the rule to wear Niqab and become like the “lady” in the picture.  Women are not allowed to drive a car or travel without “mohram” i.e. her husband or even her 13 year old son!

My mom and grandma didn’t have to face this issue either. Maybe my grand grandmother yea during the Ottoman era had suffered like this.


The Third One:

This is an example of the Syrian woman’s identity being shown in the media.

These women don’t look like me or like my friends. The only unveiled woman in the image is taken from a porn scandal for one of the “leaders” of the “revolution” (Abdul-razzak-tlass)

What if I don’t want to look like these women?  What if I wanted to keep my identity as it has always been?! Should I then face the Authority for the Promotion of Virtue? And just so you know, facing them means most likely that I will be killed and become a memory and an image for inspiration on the internet pages. Or should I obey the new Syrian order, that is never Syrian rather than radical. Also my mother didn’t have to face this identity issue when she was growing up.


I only mentioned three examples. I could speak till tomorrow why I am concerned and why I don’t believe in the “F” word (freedom). Our situation (rights and duties) are moving backward in the opposite direction, so fast that we are back to the 50s of the past century and in some points we are more than 1400 years back in time.

So dear writer who ever you were, do you still think time flies like the wind? Or maybe you should say: in some places of the world time flies like the wind, but where there are radicals, time flies BACK like the wind.

About the author

Once up on a time in a kingdom fa.. Oh sorry not in a kingdom , in some kind of republic or an ex-republic there lived a princes.. oh sorry just a normal girl like any one you may ever knew ..
she is not a writer but she likes to write sometimes.


  1. Looking at the first photo was enough to bring tears to my eyes. Your situation and the situation in your country is so sad and so scary. I really appreciate that you are sharing it with us. I can certainly see why time doesn’t fly for you. Each day must be an eternity.

    You write so well.

    1. My dear it is so kind of you to think in such a generous way! I wrote this post almost three years ago, now I am not in Syria, I am in Turkey now, and I survived those difficult days. I hope other women will be able to overcome the hard circumstances as well..
      very sorry for the late reply 🙂
      love and peace <3

  2. It’s so sad when you say that you have to deal with these women’s rights issues that your mother and grand mother didn’t even have to deal with – issues that earlier you wouldn’t have even imagined that you would have to deal with. Heartbreaking.

  3. The dichotomy between progress and globalization that is sweeping the world and the regression of women’s rights in so many countries are just profound. What our mothers and grandmothers and great-grandmothers have faced and overcome is morphing into a globalized, progressive oppression, even more dangerous than the straightforward sexism of eras past, because this is so subtle, so insidious, and so very big and in our faces that it is almost impossible to know how to respond to or combat it. I feel for your situation. I pray that you find strength in the freedoms that you grew up with, and that your daughter and younger sister are able to take your example, your mother’s example, your grandmother’s example in thinking for yourself.

  4. I’m so grateful to be able to read your words. Please keep sharing with us your experience… Otherwise how would we ever be able to even attempt to comprehend what it must be like to walk in your shoes? Wishing you love and peace and really look forward to reading more from you.

  5. Thank you for writing this post. Even after all we have heard and seen from the news, it is still hard to comprehend what everyone there is going through. Your words help me to understand a little bit more, and understand where it is most necessary, in the heart. I am grateful for your education. My utmost sincere prayers to all.

  6. I’ve mentioned before that my grandmother came from Syria to the US around 1900. She was from a Christian family and her father sent her and two sisters away so they could be safe. These are not things people should have to think about doing in the 21st century. These things should be behind us. I am sad to read that more generations will have to flee for safety or flee to have simple human rights or stay behind and fight.

    1. I would like to think that every nation has to go through these hardships in order to be aware of the importance of freedom, education and understanding each others differences. I hope we will have the chance to witness that in my country.
      thank you for sharing your thoughts

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