In my determination
to do things right,
to be a ‘good girl,’
a girl God would look
down and smile upon,
I strived to make the ‘right’
choices in my life,
to avoid the mistakes
of others before me,
I promised to follow the
prescribed steps no matter what,
to think ‘good’ thoughts,
to nourish myself with
only ‘good’ food,
I peered down paths
that had been tread by the
wise ones, choosing the one
I thought would lead to the goal,
and armed with right and wrong I began,
turning my eyes from
all that lay beneath.

Somewhere along the way,
I found myself in an unfamiliar land
far from the promised land,
weary and afraid.
In my search for higher ‘good’
I had lost touch with ‘my’ good,
that inner knowing that
guides and gives rise to
gentle smiles that warm the heart,
the graceful dance of the hand
that naturally extends itself to help
had long since been denied for ‘higher’ things,
and so with a sigh I turned around
and started the journey back
to where it all began.

Along the way I cried
as all my dreams unraveled.
If only I had listened to
the whispers coming from
my heart,
the echoes of the wise ones
I had searched for far away.

Perhaps not all is lost.
Perhaps my heart will realize
the path that’s only mine to walk ,
and find therein my true good;
not the good that springs
from thought appearing so sublime,
but that good that shines in all
and judges none, the good that has
no boundaries or opposites,
no conditions or expectations.

Perhaps God smiles upon this one
who is far from home,
perhaps he always did
and always will.
For does the mighty oak strive so hard
to receive the suns gentle kisses
or the autumn leaves grieve
their slow descent?



  1. It’s a crazy journey that we’re on. Never know what revelations are waiting around the corner. But better to look and be devastated than never to look at all. Love your poem.

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