The pendulum of sin and love, darkness and light, what pulls us apart or cradles us tight, swings with a heavy beat as it creates all that guides us, the societal norms that supplies and deprives us –

– a foundation paved by desperation and violence, can’t be washed clean with some tears and some kindness, choosing ignorance over the shame that defines us, when shame is the only thing that unites us –

– our ancestors sweat fuels the here and the now, as we boil in the fires their decisions have made we can allow knowledge to create our tomorrows, or just let sin and love have their own way.


Painting our illusions in 108 words a day.


Please take 7 minutes out of your life to watch this excellent educational video:


  1. There is so much that we are not taught in school. I really appreciate you including this thought-provoking video in your post.

    Your POI is also thought-provoking. I’ll be reading it again.I enjoyed seeing the photo too, especially since I had just seen it in reality.

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