“Two souls, alas, are housed within my breast, and each will wrestle for the mastery there.”(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust) One’s voice is quite small with massive potential, slashing illusions with a murderous flare, interested only in a spiritual endgame, the world steps in line or gets out the way. The other soul, much louder in tone, holds the world close and its bitterness closer, grasping with fingers that couldn’t possibly hold, because its desire makes up only half of the whole. At odds, neither will find happiness, but they punch it out and I enjoy the show, committed to neither, in love with them both, they are the dreamers, and I their joke.



Painting our illusions in 108 words a day.

For Dungeon Prompts: Defined by a Quote.


  1. This reminds me of a sermon from Dr. Martin Luther King called Unfulfilled Dreams. In it he states:
    There is a tension at the heart of the universe between good and evil. Hinduism refers to this as a struggle between illusion and reality. Platonic philosophy used to refer to it as a tension between body and soul. Zoroastrianism, a religion of old, used to refer to it as a tension between the god of light and the god of darkness. Traditional Judaism and Christianity refer to it as a tension between God and Satan. Whatever you call it, there is a struggle in the universe between good and evil.

    But you know, some of us feel that it’s a tension between God and man. And in every one of us this morning, there’s a war going on. It’s a civil war. I don’t care who you are, I don’t care where you live, there is a civil war going on in your life. And every time you set out to be good, there’s something pulling on you, telling you to be evil. It’s going on in your life. Every time you set out to love, something keeps pulling on you, trying to get you to hate. Every time you set out to be kind and say nice things about people, something is pulling on you to be jealous and envious and to spread evil gossip about them. There’s a civil war going on.

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    1. Such wise words, my dear!!! Karuna must be so proud of you and Sreejit!! I too believe you have hit it on the head of the nail…yep, the civil war. Our hearts may innately want to do something really good but there are always some who tell us we are being submissive for instance; then I may think, well maybe helping is not helping that person then. The smarter we get the dumber we behave. Children do it so naturally and then they grow up.


  2. Your post has given me food for thought…gosh, you have done it again!! Chaitanya’s comment clarified some of the thoughts simmering especially when she mentioned jealousy. Our personal insecurities sometimes are at war with being one and our ego takes over. It is a constant battle and there are times we are more vulnerable than other times. Yep, you got me doing lots of self-reflection AGAIN 🙂 As always an great post. I like your personal challenge of 108 words a day. I may try that with a haibun once a week to start with. That might be a great way to edit some of my old stuff and collect the good ones:)


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