This week’s prompt is:  No Matter Time nor Place.

Which truth do you hold no matter the time nor place? This isn’t a prompt about whether you believe in God or not, or in science or not. This is a morality question. For example, most of us can say that we believe in the commandment, thou shalt not kill, regardless of religion, but would you be able to stick with that even while witnessing your mother or sister being raped? Would you feel that it was wrong if another person, in that kind of situation, killed an attacker to save someone else? So the question here is, which of your values do you hold so strongly that it wouldn’t matter the time or place? Explain.



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My Choice – martha0stout



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  1. Oh boy!! this IS a good one alright. I have one the pops up already and I think I will print your prompt and read it a few times each day and see what resurfaces. It might be my first thought. Of course you and most of my readers know my thoughts on sexual assault and what I would like to do to the perpetrators. Amma must be very proud of your work here, Sreejit. You are allowing us to be as honest as possible (if we want) in our self-reflections.


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