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The most simple

And beautiful

As it is



Usually people have many different kinds of prompts and convictions of what is good and bad, right and wrong, divine and evil

And they seem to be pretty clear about all of them

No matter time nor place

But so often we are missing the most simple and beautiful – life as it is

Without our constant worry what to do with this and that

What opinion or action should be used in some particular situation

Getting lost in a variety of thoughts and decisions for every single moment

We are so busy with all the shoulds and shouldn’ts, with all the notions and conclusions, our own and those of others, that we again are missing the most beautiful – life as it is


How many convictions are there

So different and so often they are completely the opposite

But seemingly – very important and accessible

Although, in fact, it is just a belief

Based merely on a mental conviction

Which keeps it on a solid foundation of unsteady faith

What is faith and what is conviction?

And what’s the difference between them

Faith can be blind or naive

But conviction requires intellectual confirmation and logical conclusions

That’s why, the word faith is used in the context of religion

And the emphasis is there on the hard-determining word of faith, and not on the foggy word of God, which is therefore turned to become very specific and even understandable

And it is no longer possible to keep it stable by faith only, but with the necessary help of intellectual conviction

Here you can also use the popular opposition – the heart and the head (mind)

So faith is the heart

And a head – all the accumulated knowledge, understanding, beliefs, various information

And everything that falls under the frame of the already known and stored somewhere in the teeming space of the mind

Which slyly interprets what is always totally inexplicable

And never completely comprehensible


Therefore, any belief on one or the other hand is nothing but a product of the mind

That means it is a secondary, superficially processed product kept on the shelves of the mind

But all the charm here is that any belief can be dissuaded


And any faith based on a mental understanding is already a secondary product

Packed in a well known framework from the previous experiences

And it turns into a firm belief

Unshakable sometimes

No matter time and space


So, if the whole process is visibly seen right now, then no more effort will be required to believe into something

To make a collection of your favorite prompts and so on


And no more need for a certain understanding, opinion or conviction as well

No demand in a secondary product imported from the mind


It will disappear by itself

Letting life to just be

In the way it already is

The most simple and beautiful

As it is



Alya Shanty

Becoming…empty, left aside – everything shaken, slowly ruining inside – what known well from worldly apprehension –
becoming useless, in sincere comprehension. What seemed so right, undoubted, correct, with depth of look, quite diligent, direct. Becoming just some knowledge gained in the past – forbidden – in a new perspective vast -long story of the person rising up with heavy baggage – notions and conclusions is getting lost and could not make it up. Carry another package of delusion completely – inexpressible in words -some power simply mixed it all -no more inside or outwards, it step by step crushes every wall – dismissed my “self” instead to keep, forfend, and what is left becoming worth to comprehend.

About the author

I am a King without a Kingdom, in a world with many masters, wrapped in the spoils of a jealous heart, and my people’s callous laughter.


  1. Your post is so true. If we stop all the mental gymnastics that result in rigid understandings, opinions and convictions we can just live. It was helpful for me to do the prompt and discover that I can’t be 100% sure of anything …. no matter time nor place. I feel a sense of freedom and lightness as a result of giving up the belief that I should be able to do that.

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