I may be circumspecting the irrelevant but doesn’t he know he’s not a king, or is there no one in his circle to share the little things?

– calling out athletes like he’s on the plantation prancing, expecting legislators to enshrine his chaotic whims and fancies, bullying world leaders that think that he’s just a joke, ‘cause the only thing he’s good at is to them pussies grope –

– still, don’t know why I’m constantly amazed; haven’t felt so “really?” since my baby-sitting days – poor thing, all he thought he’d have to do is smile and be cute – now he just wants a chance to play with all them nukes.


Painting our illusions in 108 words a day.


  1. So true….. and so sad. I keep thinking that nothing he does will ever surprise me again, but then he proves me wrong by doing something more outrageous and/or more repulsive than before. It happens over and over and over again. I hope we survive the disasters he is creating but I have my doubts.


    1. I don’t see him so much as mad, as I see him like a five year old that tries to lie to you and you’re so shocked that you’re like, really, are you trying to lie to me, do you think you’re smarter than me? cause they haven’t yet learned how to hide the signs that they’re spewing BS. He finally found somebody on his temperamental level in North Korea’s Kim Jong Un though – they both just wanna blow shit up.

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  2. Just when you think it can’t get any worse … it does. As I commented elsewhere, it is amazing how much damage he is doing 140 characters at a time. Both within the country and without. The tit for tat he is involved in with North Korea is just shockingly juvenile. We’re going to end up in a war in North Korea because he couldn’t keep his damn mouth shut.


  3. Indeed! I see him as a toddler…not the terrible two’s but like a four year old who’s never socialized, never shared with little guys and gets what he wants when he has a tantrum. Pretty scary to think an out if control kid playing war!!

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