This week’s prompt is:  Mission Statement.

If the journey of your life could be boiled down to a particular mission, what would it be?  What has been the primary focus or purpose of your particular birth?  You may believe that all of life is on a big picture path, but I’m asking about your particular journey.  Is there any lesson or goal that has defined the majority of your life?  What is your life’s mission?



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    1. I like that. It’s funny, I remember when I was a kid being sad that I couldn’t just be a “good” Christian and hate gays and junkies and the poor etc because I was always forced to defend the made fun of at school, due to my engrained ethics. It seemed like such a burden as a kid, although I’m happy for it now. By the way, I don’t equate hating gays with being a good Christian now, but in my prepubescent days, it was all jumbled together, second note, I’m not a Christian, I follow Advaita, but I thought it was so much easier for those fitting into the culture around them. Now I don’t think twice about fitting in… And I also live in India now so… everything is different.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s an interesting take and shows the pressure people have to conform to the expectations of others. My point was more about just always being responsible. For doing well in school and moving forward. Being responsible for myself, for my family, for my job and those I’m responsible for there. There are endless ways in which my life has driven by my sense of responsibility. And I’m ready for that responsibility to end.

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  1. Mine is to save the lives of those close around me. Had the grandiosity knocked out of me early on so no longer driven to save the entire world. I know I am just supposed to do my pre-assigned (chosen?) part.

    Hmm, must think more on this and write a Mission Statement (like your Mom did years ago!)

    Thanks for the prompt.


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