News Alert: If you’re arguing with somebody and you say, “it’s all in your mind,” you’re an asshole. Yes, everything that we may be dealing with might be in our heads, our worlds changing depending on the perspective that we are looking at it from, but spiritual truths are something you say to yourself so as to walk the world doing more good than harm, not something you say to someone else to devalue the words that they are saying or the feelings they are expressing. Don’t degrade spirituality by using it to wage psychological warfare with others, when the real battle is within… or am I degrading you now?



Painting our illusions in 108 words a day.


  1. So far it’s been 4 days not going on facebook wasting my time arguing and combating all the misconceptions and beliefs driven by fake news and opinions in contrast to all sensible reason and fact. People believe whatever legitimizes their views and never question the source. What freedom. I wasted so much time.

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