This is a song that I wrote about my sister and my creative processes:

And we find ourselves here once again, at the point where love meets war, bring each other to that breaking point, with knowing looks that hit the core, you might throw a few stones my way, and I might drop a few words I regret, and we find ourselves here once again at the point where love meets war.

A political statement until they had us a couple of brats gonna shake things up – she’s the idealist, got that mass appeal, but she cries a lot more that’s part of the deal – I may be trying to keep the peace but if you push me I’ll unleash the beast – she does guilt, I can’t say the same, I am who I am, I won’t be tamed!

I love like a hermit she loves like a fable, I breathe less when I’m worried, she says, “God is able.”

Whether guided or inspired it takes its toll – it’s more than a show, the bliss and the woe – from restless wonder to breathless resistance, the two headed demon, we take care of business – no doubt she’s the rose, no doubt I’m the thorn but it’s a package deal, you have been warned – time in and time out, breathe in breathe out, if you’re running away, it may be we’re freaking out.




  1. Unfortunately when war a love intersect, war usually wins. The love may come later for the cinders of heroes, the wounded and the dead but the pain certainly lingers. But if there is any order in the creation of the world by the Divine Architect we have to believe love will prevail at the end of the ages.

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