Rage Against the Machine Day 7 by Vince Horan

Letter to the Editor

by Vince Horan of Compassion Zone



I was on vision quest in Sedona, AZ when I received your invite for the November post title; Rage Against the Machine.  Your title threw me a bit because I see this title as encouraging the same methodology that is being employed by the very regime we are “raging” against.  It took me a while to center myself and decide to respond in a way that fits who I am.  For me, Vision Quest is a journey to a sacred space that takes me out of my everyday life, so I can enter the silence of my soul to remember who I really am. Each Vision Quest humbly reminds me of the duality that resides within me. I believe I am a spiritual being having a human experience. I believe this is the planet of free will; so I am challenged daily with the choices I make.  Do my choices reflect the higher consciousness of what I believe to be my authentic self  that comes from my soul; or, do they reflect the lower consciousness of my human self that comes from my brain. I believe that life, love and God are interchangeable words that reflect the essence of the creative source of the universe. This is the higher consciousness I aspire to be.  Therefore, I am challenged daily to express what I believe through compassionate action, patience, tolerance, wisdom and love.  I believe my brain is that aspect of my humanness that in its inception has forgotten its connection to the higher self; and through its life time, seeks to adapt and figure out how to survive the human experience. I believe that the attributes of the brain are ignorance, arrogance and fear.  Ignorance breeds fear.  Arrogance is fear announced, often through acts of anger, rage, competition and war. The attributes of the brain are what I call “lower consciousness”. The attributes of the soul are what I call “higher consciousness”.  So now you see my dilemma. Which aspect of myself chooses to respond to your request.  I choose LOVE.

I believe humanity is in a significant time of change.  With the advancement of communication technologies, information is instantly available.  People all over the globe now have access to each other through the internet, Facebook, Twitter, and the like. We are discovering that we are more alike than different.  That our basic human wants and needs are very similar.  In the light of this new global awareness, people all over the world are beginning to question those in a position of power and leadership,  Those in leadership who are of lower consciousness seek to control all forms of media to keep their people in darkness,  isolated, fearful and dependent on them. In this way they keep their power by manipulation, lies and threats to anyone who would question their authority. This is war that is being waged all over the planet. I call it the battle of the Light (higher consciousness); and the dark (lower consciousness).  Darkness has no power, save in the absence of light.  There are leaders all over the planet who use fear based propaganda to scare the people and press them in servitude to wage war so those in power can expand their reign of power and influence and riches.  But no manner of weaponry can stop the power of the human heart with an awakened consciousness.  The battle is already won; but there are pockets of old energies still struggling to hold on to their power in positions of authority. It may take several generations to eradicate the darkness from the planet, but it will happen. I believe young people being born on the planet remember more of who they were in past lives and recognize the futility of the lower consciousness energy.

As for Donald Trump; he is the epitome of lower conscious energy. His campaign slogan: Make America Great Again, was an attempt to influence voters into believing we can return to the “good old days” of American isolation, abundance and powerful influence over global consciousness.  While he was smart enough to create a multi-billion dollar financial empire; he is ignorant and naïve when it comes to being an influential leader in a democratic society.  His greatest danger is in his arrogance.  He has insulated himself with legal teams and like- minded cronies to keep at bay those who try to challenge his ignorance, his lies, his bully behavior, his prejudice, his bigotry , and his sexual inappropriateness.  He runs his cabinet like he ran his tv show; The Apprentice; If he doesn’t like your opinions or behaviors, “your fired”.   The biggest danger from his arrogance is being in the  position of power as the president of the United States to influence and change the lives of millions of Americans.  His low consciousness chooses to alienate our neighbors to the south by threatening to build a wall and wanting to make them pay for it. His simple minded prejudice seeks to address terrorism by deporting significant members of the Muslim population from America.  His tax reform plan actually saves billions for the top one percent. By eliminating the estate tax he saves himself over $600,000,000. His healthcare reform bill seeks to re-impose the pre- existing limitation clause that will make health care unaffordable for millions of middle and lower class Americans.  His desire to cut deeply into Medicare and Medicaid, would affect the very survival of millions of elderly who depend on prescription medications to live.

In sum, I believe that Donald Trump has taken the heart out of government. He lacks the compassionate attributes of a higher consciousness; patience, tolerance, discernment, negotiation and compromise. He runs the country like he runs his businesses, like a demigod who builds walls instead of bridges, who alienates instead of mediates, who creates competition rather than compassion, and who eliminates rather than enters the dialogue. I once heard in a political speech back in the 1972 presidential election that still rings true to me today. The key elements were; “we have taken the statesmen out of government and replaced them with politicians”, and, “ we are no longer a government of the people, by the people and for the people; instead we have become a government of the gross national product, by the gross national product and for the gross national product.”  I believe Donald Trump has taken these statements to an even more frightening level. I would paraphrase the last statement to say; we have become a government of the elite, by the elite and for the elite.

From a higher spiritual perspective, I believe that Donald Trump is a “wild card” that was necessary to awaken conscious Americans out of their complacency and denial.  He has exposed the prevalent “dark side” of the American collective consciousness.  He is currently exposing the brokenness of the American political system and the ineffectiveness of the American governmental process. He is challenging us all to wake up to the hatred, bigotry, prejudice, brutality, sexist realities that still exist. He has exposed the reality that many around world see us as the “Ugly Americans” who are arrogant, self- serving, self- absorbed consumers. He is further isolating America from its global alliances by withdrawing financial support to the UN, NATO, and by not signing the Climate Change Accord  in Paris.

While diminishing Americas role in the alliances that foster a peaceful solution to our global problems; he diverts his energies into a standoff with the North Korean dictator, with a nuclear holocaust hanging in the balance.

If you are as outraged as I am, good!  However, that brings me back to my original dilemma; at what level of my own consciousness do I respond.  So  I ask myself the question; “What would love do now?” My answer is to Wake Up.  Waking up means to me get out of my complacency, passivity and denial and become active in speaking my truth.  Waking up means getting off the fence of indecision and taking a stand.  Waking up means getting involved in public forums to experience how many others share your thoughts and beliefs.  Waking up means compassionate action; like writing letters to your representatives, being involved in town meetings, engaging in local support.  Waking up means being love you want to see in the world through random acts of kindness to those in need.  Waking up means teaching the children to think their own thoughts and trust their intuitions to guide them.  Waking up means a self-evaluation of how am I fostering the very attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that I rail against.  When we point one figure in judgment to someone we criticize; remember there are three figures pointing back at ourselves.  What we despise in others is often a painful mirror reflection of how we are like them.  Look inside and humbly ask yourself; am I a bully, a bigot, prejudiced, a sexist, aloof, arrogant, or mean.  Change happens one person at a time. The journey begins within as we change ourselves.  The greatest gift you give to others does not come from words or things; it comes from being the light your really are.  Be the light you want to see in the world.  I am not drawn to “rage against the machine”, I am drawn to compassionate action.



Vince Horan

I am the owner/counselor of Horan Counseling Services for 24 years. I work with my wife Sandra. I was also owner/director/ counselor at Passages Professional Counseling Services for more than six years. I also worked in a drug and alcohol treatment center, was a Youth Minister at St. Frances Cabrini Parish, and a counselor at Catholic Community Services. I have a Doctor of Ministries degree from the Jesuit School of theology in Berkeley, CA., A Master’s Degree in Counseling from Gonzaga University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Seattle University. I taught counseling at Pierce College in Lakewood, WA. And I am a Vietnam veteran.


Written for Rage Against the Machine Month.  If you’d like to be a part of the challenge, find more information Here.   But first, leave a comment and let Vince know what you think about his words, and be sure to visit him over at Compassion Zone when you’re done.



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I am a King without a Kingdom, in a world with many masters, wrapped in the spoils of a jealous heart, and my people’s callous laughter.


  1. You have so much excellent content in your post. Much to think about and to reflect on. New ways to look at the current day situation. I’m glad you participated in this event.

  2. I could not agree with you more – every single word. trump (no capital T on purpose) has exposed a deep pathology, the unhealthy underbelly of America that lay just under the surface. It had to ooze up at some point. I agree there is a battle of higher and lower consciousness occuring on the planet right now and I do hope higher consciousness ultimately wins and that the planet can survive long enough for that to happen. Humans learn the hard way. That is what is happening now. Yes to “Wake. Up.” That has been in a lot of my writing these days. Mother Earth is crying her distress in every voice she has. The government of the elite has one bottom line and that is money – for themselves. I shudder at three more years of this and PRAY it wont be eight…….we dont have that kind of time. I love the ways you encourage your readers to wake up. And compassionate action is the most powerful response possible. We see it in the disasters happening everywhere – that is when people reach out to help – human to human – no divisions. Those instances show us who we are – who we are meant to be, how much better humankind can do on this planet than we are doing. An awesome read this morning. Thank you. I, too, dont resonate with the word rage. But I do resonate with compassionate action, spreading information, awareness, hope and light.

  3. Such a brilliant post balancing good and evil, light and dark. A struggle, indeed, but you your readers with much to reflect on…not just pointing fingers.

  4. I love the wisdom in your post 🙂 and agree with “The greatest gift you give to others does not come from words or things; it comes from being the light your really are.” Thank you for sharing!❤️

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