Rage Against the Machine Day 16 by Trevor Washington

Hear Me Roar

By Trevor Washington


Let me share a secret with you, right in the beginning so that you won’t feel cheated later, I don’t actually believe in peace – at least not in the way we normally think of it on a very human, idealistic level. On a transcendental level?… well that’s another conversation entirely. For the purpose of our discussion here, I’ll be referring to the intentions that the majority of our overpopulated planet act on, i.e. survival. Survival takes on many different shapes and sizes depending on what you have or don’t have. To the great masses on the planet, survival can simply be finding a way to stay alive – food, shelter, not getting killed. For those that are more fortunate, survival can take on a covetous odor, wanting what others have or simply keeping or increasing what they have already obtained; gaining more and more becomes a need like any other addiction. For some, survival can be holding on to an egoistical, idealistic self-image that may be both self-and-other-defeating, by any means possible, such as using other people as stepping stones to prop ourselves up. With that as our foundational language, which you may proceed to ravage in the comment section, I will begin my own raging against the machine.

I consider it my civic duty to hold authority accountable, whether it is in the work place, in government, academically, or even aristocratically as our leadership by celebrity has become. Some look at me and may they think that I am full of rage, and to a point, they’d be right, although I’d argue that if they think that means I’m emotionally driven they’d be off the mark. My rage stems from my own understanding of what it means to live by rules, with a sense of equality, brother and sisterhood and common human decency. My rage is not a spiraling circle that leaves me empty, but a source of inspiration that I draw upon, allowing me to continually fight the good fight.

I am not accustomed to living in grey areas, either our actions are harming others or they are not. I say that but I don’t worry about the stress that I cause on those who seek to reign over me. I have always had a problem with authority but that was only because I have always expected them to be worthy. If someone is interested in telling me what to do, then they should absolutely be smarter, in whatever field they are reigning in, than I am. But not just smarter, they should also be courageous, forgiving, compassionate and most importantly, they must lead by example.

I have never been able to follow someone who doesn’t lead by example. At the same time, I never cared to tell others what to do. I am happy to live and let live, but when someone decides that they need to rule over me, then they better be doing it for the right reasons. Holding on to power for powers sake is not the right reason. The famous catholic historian John Dalberg-Acton, said it perfectly when he wrote, “Historic responsibility has to make up for the want of legal responsibility. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority, still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority.” Although written in 1887 it still rings true to this day. Of course we have exceptions. What truly makes someone great is when he or she is an exception to the rule. But the world is not run by those that are exceptional at being people – we tend to martyr those off – but those that are exceptional at bending others to their will.

As a species, we can’t seem to get a sniff of authority without it infecting us. I am no anarchist mind you; rather I’d consider myself a realist with the heart of an idealist. But I’m such a realist that I understand that each person lives and sees the world in their own way, and the conclusions they draw from their perspective can be vastly different from my own. That being the case, many would take from me the moniker of realist and bestow on me that of buffoon instead. I accept that as well – so far as they don’t try to rule over me.

In this day and age, just as in the many days and ages that came before, we allow fear to be our guiding light. But as hate swells and overtakes us, as we make our own planet uninhabitable for ourselves and we turn each other away to suffer a fate that we ourselves could never endure but continue to turn an apathetic eye to, it may be time to go in a different direction. Maybe it is time to try letting that which does not seek to destroy but to heal be our guiding light – ah, have I let my idealism creep into this? Instead of always going after what may or may not be obtainable, like expecting a people that have lived as warring tribes throughout their existence to see eye to eye and come together as one, we could just try to do as little harm to each other as possible. Maybe we could allow ourselves to be infected by the disease of compassion. I say disease because selfishness may be what allowed the human race to survive for tens of thousands of years. But it could be that the time is over for that way of life. Allowing the disease of compassion to mutate our way of thinking could be what allows us as a people to adapt and continue to survive.   Giving up our pride, each and every one of us, is the only way that we could possibly find a way to actually give peace a chance. Being a realist, I know where we’re headed, but my heart won’t allow me to call it quits, so I’ll go on raging against the machine until the lights go out, and as a people, we learn to start again.



Being that the series was named after the band, I think I’d better share my favorite Rage Against the Machine song before I go. Of course, it’s Testify: “With precision you feed me, my witness I’m hungry, your temple it calms me, so I can carry on – my slaving sweating the skin right off my bones, on a bed of fire I’m choking on the smoke that fills my home.”





Trevor Washington

Doing what I can, when I can, – the rest I leave up to Her.





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Doing what I can, when I can, - the rest I leave up to Her.


  1. 🙂 Glad that I’m not the only one who remembers the band! You know how much we think alike on a lot of these issues so I won’t rehash, but I always like how you put it.

    1. I know. Seems like so many people got caught up with the word “rage” and their guttural reaction to how it makes them feel, that they forgot about Rage Against the Machine, the protest band. Anyways, that’s cool because a lot of good articles came out of it. Keep up the awareness. We have to keep the lights on! At least we have to do what we can.

  2. That quote about absolute power is so true. I agree that we need to try something radically different if we are going to survive as a species. And even though eventually we WILL die as a species, it would probably be a good thing for the universe if we spread a little love and compassion while we’re here.

  3. I came of age in the 60’s when we thought we were going to change the world. And then one by one, our leaders were assassinated. So I definitely agree with you about people who are extraordinary being martyred……and those who rule often being those who can bend others to their will. (Barak Obama was, to me, the exception. He has such a good heart and he truly was for the people. He just had so much opposition from the right who still are putting party before people.) My soul rises up at the idea of allowing that which will heal be our guiding light, being infected by the disease of compassion. Truly there can be no peace without social justice, and social justice begins in compassion. WONDERFULLY inspiring. I have always been an idealist but I am discouraged now. However, I, too, refuse to give up hope, even if it is only that, as you say, after the lights go out, humankind learns to begin again and live with and on Mother Earth as we were meant to do.

    1. Thank you Sherry. I appreciate your passion, and loved your Earth Grief article. Even as I see us going over the cliff, at the same time, who wants to live in a world without hope? So we cling on to it, because we have to have something to cling on to.

  4. thanks for your great peace, Trevor. I loved it! I totally agree with your definition of a leader worth following. If we all apply that standard, our choices are much clearer!

  5. I didn’t know that Rage Against the Machine was the name of a band! That was quite a video.

    This was a very thought provoking post Trevor. I did hear your idealist at times. What you said about people who are extraordinary being martyred is so true. John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, Malcolm X all gone within my life time. No wonder I was nervous about Barack Obama’s safety throughout his presidency.

    I have to wonder if we will even have the chance to “learn to start again.” It seems as likely that we will annihilate ourselves instead. Guess I’m feeling pessimistic tonight. I know, among other things, that I’m upset that T gave his sons the gift of being able to bring elephant heads back from Africa after they kill them (even though they are an endangered species) by eliminating the regulation against it. Maybe the world would be better off without us. Probably the world would be better off without us. Almost certainly the world would be better off without us.

    1. Wait? What? Is that a real story about Trump and the Elephant heads? I hadn’t heard that before. You just never no with this guy, where normal codes of decency are seemingly not a part of his personality.

  6. Trevor I am so glad you added this song. Of course I got the reference when Sreejit posted the title of this series but then forgot all about Testify (and several others by Rage) What you have written is so articulate. I hope many people, especially younger than me, read it!
    And the picture at the top of your post makes me think of a chorus in one of the songs I posted, I Am a Patriot by Jackson Browne.

    ” I want to run like the lion
    released from the cages
    Released from the rages
    burning in my heart tonight, yeah”

  7. This is such a deeply profound and empowering post! Especially loved this part; “I say disease because selfishness may be what allowed the human race to survive for tens of thousands of years. But it could be that the time is over for that way of life. Allowing the disease of compassion to mutate our way of thinking could be what allows us as a people to adapt and continue to survive.”

    I strongly agree that we need to be more compassionate and be more sensitive towards what’s going on in the world in order to keep humanity alive. Thank you so much for adding your voice to the series ❤️

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