Rage Against the Machine Day 22 by Rebel Willing


by Rebel Willing of The Dungeon


Reality television is stressing me –
check that – CNN, FOX, and Facebook are depressing me –
Twitter – yeah I had to disable that quick
no, not going circumspect, but to get through the day
tamed by a news cycle without borders –
from the grassroots to the made-to-order establishment –
no banishment for the powers that be as they coddle
the heaven sent of a few – the last hurrah of a dying breed, clutching at the power of which they feel entitled – white bred and empowered –

and we’re force-fed this nonsense about getting fucked gracefully
– fuck that – I’ve got a beast that’s raging within,
my darkness is fed off the fight
there are two nights colliding with no light in sight,
and the church is merely a battleground for the culture wars,
and there ain’t no telling what’s in store for the uninformed,
but at least they’re wrapped up in the norm – the fight for wealth, status and fame
with none of us able to remember our shame,

let us just spell it out, since we’re articulating the long and short of it, we’re all self-absorbed creatures of the night looking for a righteous fight, but there’s no right in a fight for selfish endeavors, whosoever holds the light better be ready to run, for we are all ready to claim that light as our own, ready to throw down to control, and we won’t stop till every last shred of innocence is laid to rest, and the ashes settle over the dust of what was once long ago a people called us,

but we kept on multiplying ‘till it became us and them, and whenever there’s a them we’re in desperate need of our weapons – the first thing as a people we learned to create were arrowheads for it seems to fight is our fate –

we were just animals figuring out how to survive, now we’re kings and queens of the food chain deciding everything must die.



Rebel Willing

Cutting through my own neurosis, finding ideas are easy to come by, sometimes truth hides out of sight, peace is my lullaby but to fight is my birthright.





Written for Rage Against the Machine Month.  If you’d like to be a part of the challenge, find more information Here.   But first, leave a comment and let Rebel know what you’re thinking.  To read more from Rebel click Here.


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6 thoughts on “Rage Against the Machine Day 22 by Rebel Willing

  1. “There are two nights colliding with no light in sight”…..that is exactly how it feels, though I am seeing significant response among we common folk to the horrors that are going on. I, too, get my heart broken, and my mind outraged by what I scroll past on facebook. I am now limiting my news. Those closing lines of yours cut right through to my heart for that’s the long and short of it. Wow. A powerful post! Thank you.

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