For the fight of your life, for the right to the glory,
embrace all the pain, and the shame of your story –
together we will rise and we’ll fall and you’ll know me
and I will know you and stay true if it’s meant to be.

And we’ll whittle it away – all that’s defining us –
the pride, the likes, dislikes, conceit and the trust –
until there’s nothing more than you and me –
stripped of all we called our own, we’ll finally be free.

And the day will be our day
when the tears stop to fall and the fear ceases to crawl
and the sun will rise for us
as we leave the past behind and our footsteps turn to dust.

We laugh just to cry, and it’s always the same game –
crouching low to jump high and pretending it’s not the same thing –
the pendulum swings and our minds wax and wane
with the give and the take of our desires – untamed.

And suddenly it’s clear why the flowers bloom –
they open for you, they open for you –
I was a fool until I realized the truth –
they open for you, they open for you.


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