A friend informed me that I redefine passive-aggressive,
as in, if you don’t read the signs I’m sharing my reaction might be a little bit excessive,
I go from begging you to not disturb my apathy to belligerently hostile
and your claims of ignorance I’ll take as more silly than futile –
– our time here is short, so when I choose to use them, I won’t mince my words
but I’ll shout and I’ll abuse them until my audience you will curse,
if you decide to ruin my day, then I’m gratuitously unfriendly,
I’ll warn you with a laugh, but you should run before your psyche needs a mending.



Painting our illusions in 108 words a day.


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  2. I didn’t realize I hadn’t read this on your blog. I, of course, have the memory of you reciting it to me in person etched into my memory. I’m also glad I was part of the initial discussion that lead to this post. Fun memories.


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