For We Are Hand in Hand… Whether We Like it Or Not

Which is more important to you, having good health or excessive wealth? Okay, on the chance that you are a money grubbing bastard, let’s change the question – which is more important to you, your children having good health or excessive wealth?  If you are confused about there being such a thing as excessive wealth, then we know what your answer is.  We can never forget while calculating the worth of our lives, that life is more than just our independent existence, it is the way our unique individualities interact with everything around us.  Health and wealth need not factor into our interactions, but our answer to the question may give some insight into our personal natures.

We are a unique species. We have the ability to communicate abstractions. We can tell stories, we can keep history, we can envision futures and build them into our present moments.   Our intelligence is what sets us apart. It’s what has allowed us to conquer the world and one another, and it is what may lead to our ultimate destruction.

There have always been alternate facts for those who’d impose their vision on others. This is nothing new. Everyone is trying to speak their own truth into existence, trying to live the dream that they imagine they deserve. This works if one in a thousand claim prophet status. But now at least one in five are claiming it. We are all trying to lead each other with no one left to follow.

All we have ever had is our ideas and each other. And we mold each other and our ideas into a beautiful mess that carries us through to unknown tomorrows of our own creation. This has been an awesome exploratory journey for our species. Our ups and downs have been both beautiful and hideous, but it always had limits. We have now reached a point in our history where our knowledge is pressing the limits of our world’s ability to sustain us.

We move through this world taking thoughts and emotions and smashing them together to create something entirely unique. And although it is all about the shared experience we are crafting in this illusory world, we don’t always understand how we are affecting those around us. We can at the same time inspire love and hate in the people that are looking towards us and hearing our words. It can be difficult to interpret the thoughts from the face of a person standing directly in front of us. But of someone that we are not able to see and touch, existing out there on the other end of some portal to the Internet, we have little chance at really understanding.

Somebody in Japan has been reading this blog a lot lately. I wish I knew who that person was. As of now, they are just a number that I see in my blog stats. Statistics are the only measure I have of who is actually reading. And we are so much more than numbers. I tend to assume that if you don’t leave a comment, then you’re not really taking it in. Usually, I forget that more people read than are commenting until someone sends me a mail to say hi, or stops me on the street to tell me they liked the article. I am always shocked by this. I am glad to know that people are reading, but I’d be happier to know who they are. Especially since it seems we haven’t much time left until this whole show comes crashing down.

The IPCC, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a group of the top scientists studying global warming, warned us this week that unless we stop carbon emissions immediately, the earth would warm by as much as 1.5 degrees Celsius, over preindustrial levels, by the year 2030.  2.7 degrees Celsius is the number that the International community agreed to avoid at the Paris Climate Summit, but we are racing toward this number as fast as we can. To stop this catastrophic global warming would require a complete revolution in the way we do things. Of course, not only are we not planning to change our course of action, but we are also moving backwards in terms of regulating these harmful pollutants.

Asked on CBS’ 60 Minutes by Lesley Stahl if Trump still thinks climate change is the hoax he’d previously stated it was, Trump answered, “I think something’s happening. Something’s changing, and it’ll change back again. I don’t think it’s a hoax, I think there’s probably a difference. But I don’t know that it’s man-made. I will say this. I don’t want to give trillions and trillions of dollars. I don’t want to lose millions and millions of jobs. I don’t want to be put at a disadvantage.”(CNN)

Are you fucking kidding me? Besides the fact that we allow politicians to play scientist with no formal training or interest in facts, we are weighing money over lives. We’re weighing millions of jobs and trillions of dollars now against the survival of our species. There is nothing rational about this. Even if we don’t care about our own survival, are we seriously willing to risk the future of our children’s.

Or maybe you are thinking that it won’t necessarily lead to our extinction, but just to rising sea levels, more droughts and natural disasters that would contribute to population control. Maybe the earth will find a way to rein us in without destroying us completely. That being the case, maybe you are willing to take your chances so as to keep your job safe and secure.

Money is something that we, as a species, have created. It is an idea that became more powerful and unifying than sports, politics, or religion. The monetary system unites the whole world. We have all bought into it and abide by its laws. But it is not blasphemous to admit that we won’t be able to worship this idea if there is no one left to do the worshiping.

The very thought that we are going to pick jobs over survival is in and of itself ridiculous. We will always find a way to make money. There will always be new kind of jobs for the new ways of doing things that we invent. People will monetize the shit out of our asses before the system dies. To just go on stuffing our pockets while running into the abyss is beyond stupid; it may be the most foolish thing we have done in the history of humankind.

Anyone who has been around a loved one who is dying knows that at that time, both parties feel so free and so desperate that they are able to open up and talk about all of the things they previously kept bottled inside. At those times, nobody keeps their love hidden away, but expresses it profusely, considering that it might be their last chance to do so. As a species we may be on our way out. So regardless of how we got here, it may be time to start opening up to each other, forgiving each other, accepting each other and loving one another. Maybe if we do this, we will understand that we are a people worth saving and will choose humanity over all of the ideas that we are putting before it. If not, some other beings will surely get their chance to dig our fossils up.



While you are here, don’t leave without letting me know who you are. Leave a comment below and tell me about yourself and what you think about how little care we seem to have along this path towards our own destruction.

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I am a King without a Kingdom, in a world with many masters, wrapped in the spoils of a jealous heart, and my people’s callous laughter.


    1. Yeah, I think it’s part of the immortality syndrome we live with. Somehow we can’t conceptualize death even though we see it everyday. We never think it’s going to happen to us.

  1. A lot of money grubbing bastards out there it seems; and everyone else with their head in the sand not wanting to really believe it will all come to an end one day.

  2. Wow. Another great post.

    Politico published this statement about climate change. It was made this week by President Trump to the Associated Press- “You have scientists on both sides of it. My uncle was a great professor at MIT for many years, Dr. John Trump,” the president said. “And I didn’t talk to him about this particular subject, but I have a natural instinct for science, and I will say that you have scientists on both sides of the picture.”

    It seems more and more likely that your statement about other beings getting a chance to dig up our fossils may be right.

  3. Great writing. My mind was just drawn in by what you had to say, and how you said it. And when I got to the “Are you fucking kidding me?” part, I felt complete connections with your incredulity. You said what so many of us feel and say to our phone screens and tv monitors every day. I can only hope that the positive conversations about love trumping hate that arise out of this will somehow balance the scales. In my life, I do feel better when I read so many caring aand insightful articles such as yours. Gives me hope.

    1. I think I don’t even let myself hope as it leads to too much disappointment and instead just keep pressing forward trying to live in the right way. When W. Bush won reelection I had lost all faith, and was sick for awhile. This time I’m more curious as to what kind of people we’ll show ourselves to be.

  4. Sadly, I so agree with what you have said here. It boggles my mind that the entire planet is not RUSHING to make a massive switch to clean energy, when we are not talking about some mythical future date but a mere TEN YEARS AWAY, when we have grandchildren who will be trying to breathe on a burning planet if we dont. I have been an optimistic person my whole life. I always believed the transformation of consciousness would happen in time. But given the last two years of insanity, and the fact we have no time left, it seems we will learn the hard way. And it will be very hard. It is horrifying to contemplate. People will call out to God to save us. Yet we have free will and we have done this. All of it. What could have been a shared garden has been a war zone. In the disasters that are happening, humankind is reaping what it sowed – at least what the corporate greed has sowed. What keeps me going is that, no matter what, nature still showers so much beauty and so many blessings on us. Sigh. I am terrified that the current regime will get re-elected, as we dont have six more years of this kind of nonsense. We dont even have two, to spare.

    1. I guess America, realizing that it will be these small low lying coastal nations that will be the first to disappear are happy doing whatever we can do just to stay in power. The arrogance of it all. We refuse to be a part of the world community. But nobody stays on top forever. I am very curious about these midterm elections to see where the heart of our nation is – other than broken.

  5. I enjoyed reading this piece. It, along with the other two I just read offer me a moment to pause and reflect.
    The last paragraph reminds me of the vulnerability we experience with the process of dying. How some of us have the capacity to allow ourselves to be deeply touched, and in some way cracked open, to experience the joy and pain of it all “…At those times, nobody keeps their love hidden away, but expresses it profusely, considering that it might be their last chance to do so…”
    And for some the pain, the sense of powerlessness, vulnerability may be so utterly overwhelming, that all they can do is shut down, deny what is happening, fight it, in order to protect, be safe… as a means to survive.
    I think there are some similarities in this and the way people respond to what we are experiencing today with our planet.
    I so appreciate the thoughts, the curiosity that arise for me from reading this piece. A sense of perhaps more understanding and empathy for myself and others. A willingness to be more vulnerable and present to our human experiences.

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