A Beautiful Month

We have had a beautiful month of stories from people pouring out their hearts in order to turn their pain into a little bit of wisdom for others. I want to sincerely thank everyone who has participated. I have been continually floored by people’s honesty and generosity of spirit in this series.

If you want to share your story and haven’t yet, don’t worry, I am going to keep all of the series we’ve had here open. That includes our latest From Darkness to Light event, as well as the earlier ones: Rage Against the Machine, On Living and Dying and Walking With Intention. Click on any of those links to get the full information and add your voice to the discussion. If you have written for one or more of the series, feel free to contribute more and write for the series that you have not yet written for. I just want to keep the sharing going for as long as possible. If you are up for it, I am ready to do my part.

But for now let’s have a look back at this past month. Please check out the contributors that you might have missed.


From Darkness to Light Contributors (Month1):



Day 1:  I Woke and Felt the Fell of Dark by Sanaa Rizvi of A Dash of Sunny





Day 2:  Coming Out By Jayne Noel





Day 3:  An Illness Saved My Life by Kilaya Ciriello of the KILAYACIRIELLO blog.





Day 4:  Finding Meaning in It by Anita Jung




Day 5:  And Yet it Shines by Connor Gallagher




Day 6:  This is Me… A derivative of darkness by Arifa Sidhpurwala of An Aspirers Confessions





Day 7:  The End of My Wasted Life by Paula Mould of PaulaMould.com




Day 8:  The Responsibility Gene by Eugene Palmer





Day 9:  Appreciate Those Who Can Handle Walking Around in the Dark by Brianna Hand of Creatively Political & Politically Creative





Day 10:  The Last Call by Linda Lee Lyberg of Charmed Chaos




Day 11:  Even in the Darkness by Aditi Rungta of My Expie!






Day 12: This is Why I Sing by Lee Hamblin of Lee Hamblin, Stories I Have Written





Day 13: The Long and Winding Path by Leigh Gaitskill of Not Just Sassy on the Inside





Day 14:  Tail of the Bear by Ana Daksina of Timeless Classics





Day 15:  Living Life My Way by Karuna Poole of Living Learning and Letting Go





Day 16:  I Get By with a Little Help from… By Kathie Arcide of Chosen Perspectives





Day 17:  Guides by Heather Wittman of Wildflower Woman




Day 18:  Into the Darkness by Vince Horan of Compassion Zone





Day 19:  My Heart Has a Hole in It by April Krubally




Day 20: The Legacy of a Gentle Man by Sonya Kassam of Follow Your Shadow





Day 21:  Phoenix Rising — Rekindling the Will to Live by Lin Rose





Day 22:  It’s Not Yours to Carry by Kaleigh Distaffen of the Kaleigh Distaffen blog





Day 23:  Growing Up in a Small Village by Kumuda Kamm





Day 24:  Heartbroken Happiness by Brittny of Sincerely Brittny





Day 25:  My Struggle with Mental Illness by Carrie Hopper of Choosing Joy





Day 26:  A Death Bed Dawning by Jagati Olson of Emerging Design Consulting





Day 27:  A Simple Plea for Help by Linda of litebeing chronicles





Day 28:  A Journey to the Light Within by Ihagh G. T. of Motivation & Environment




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I am a King without a Kingdom, in a world with many masters, wrapped in the spoils of a jealous heart, and my people’s callous laughter.


    1. Thank you. It keeps me inspired to read everyone’s stories. I’m always pleasantly surprised in all of the different directions people take the prompt in.

  1. It was indeed a beautiful month. The posts have been so good….and each one was different. I found them very inspiring and have used things that I learned from them. I hope a lot more people submit posts.

  2. Always wonderful + generally synchronous. Thank you for this series and for everyone who shared! I will, one day, get around to writing a contribution as well :).

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