The head or the heart –
where to start –
for success in a world
that’s tearing us apart?
We proudly claim to have
conquered the earth,
but to unearth the diamond
beyond the mind,
to find that light,
is the fight of our lives.

Raw emotion,
forsaken notions,
the dark alleys of the mind,
are all reflected
in the choices we make.
As if the road to wealth
were the road to freedom –
mortality acknowledged
but to never attuned –
easier in us,
to walk without limits,
then for compassionless masters
to be subdued.


        The nights grow longer as my heart retreats
Reason fighting for control of the mind
Cold is the wisdom in love-known defeats
The sublime destroyed in a pride-reveled grind

        For simple the sorrow that can destroy
The whole world merely a hollow casket
For the mind whose heart treated as a toy
Would not take the hand of love if it asked it

        Relentlessly doubling down on fear
Tears have no place in our reaction
Passionless face to keep motivations clear
Meeting intellectual satisfaction

        Calling all the true lovers as witness
The intellect stands a troublesome mistress


A sonnet if you missed it,
on poverty of the spirit –
in case you can’t relate to the free form,
still torn, ego worn, fight to the finish –
love stands waiting
when we’re finished
with “business.”


An excerpt from Gypsy Soup.





    1. Yeah, it’s weird, because every time I read an old one I would probably change something, but since it’s published already I’m just sticking with it for now. Hopefully I’ll get some new ones going though.

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