Barack Obama’s Statement Following the Gun Violence in El Paso, and Dayton

Barack Obama’s public statement via his Twitter Account:





Feeling pretty helpless.  Publishing Obama’s words seemed a pretty minimum step in the struggle.


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5 thoughts on “Barack Obama’s Statement Following the Gun Violence in El Paso, and Dayton

  1. While it doesn’t solve anything,their words of wisdom did help me who is floundering out here for some compassionate leadership. It gave me something to remain strong on and because of. President Barack & Michelle Obama, struggled with these horrific and tragic slaughters of innocent people while in office as well. We are all struggling for answers and ways to prevent these from happening again. Nobody is at this time safe from their pick and choose shootings. I bid you peace, love & light. Savor your life…

  2. There are very few wise words from the political arena these days, so I find Obama’s words to be inspiring.Solutions have many parts and need many contributors, and more folks are beginning to speak up and get to work on account of inspirational leaders. I remember that Amma once spoke about evolution being more important than revolution. The “solving” on the part of the Obamas is in their work through the Obama Foundation. Quietly and under the radar, they are mentoring youth and incredible projects around the world. The Obama presidential library is being built on the south side of Chicago rather than in an upscale part of town. Slowly… slowly..
    Thank you, Sreejit, for posting this.

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