30 Days of Guest Posts.  Get involved and share your story.

All things born must die a physical death.  This we all know. Whether you believe that we fade to black or merge into the light, view death as an end, a new beginning or a transition, plays a major role in how you live.  Do you try and experience everything you can knowing that you are going to die and be gone forever?  Does this cause you to embrace life more fully or does it fill you with fear?  Or do you believe that the way you live sets before you a path towards heaven, hell, or future births?

I want to hear about how you embrace life.  What makes you feel alive? What gives your life value? I want to know about how you deal with death.  When did you come to really understand death?  How has that affected your life?  Does death make life more meaningful?

All bloggers, writers, artists, live-ers and die-ers are welcome.  Send your prose piece (600 – 3000 words) along with a short bio, a profile picture, or picture that represents you to be featured with the bio, and a header image (2000 x 640 pixels recommended) to sreejitpoole927@gmail.com and enter On Living and Dying as the subject.  Be sure to also give the blog, webpage, Facebook, or Twitter address that you’d like your name to be linked to. (If you don’t have one of these, and live totally off the grid, that’s cool too.)

All submitted content should be the original work of the author.

Other notes: Don’t be scared to proofread before submission.  Feel free to share your best material. No need to stream of conscious it, take a day and reread, refresh and rejuvenate your post until it’s fantastic.


On Living and Dying Contributors:



Day 1: To Fear or to Fly Chaitanya Poole





Day 2: That Little Voice by Sarah





Day 3: The Journey of Life and Death by Sanaa Rizvi





Day 4: Overcoming Fantasy On the Road to Living an Authentic Life by Trevor Washington




Day 5: The Truth I Live By by Uncle Bill





Day 6: Am I Contributing to My Living or My Dying by Karuna





Day 7: I heard a fly buzz when I died by Emily Dickinson





Day 8: Ode to the daffodil – a giver of light by Alfred Poole



mark p


Day 9: Lessons and Living by Mark Paxson



vince profile picture


Day 10: Reflections on Living and Dying by Vince Horan





Day 11: The Great Mystery by Aparna (Linda) Aday





Day 12: Living the Journey by Alya Shanty





Day 13: Smiling by Rebel Willing





Day 14: A Tribute to My Mom’s Random Acts of Kindness by Amira Carlucci





Day 15: Beyond Biology, the Need to Be More by Sreejit Poole





Day 16: Secrets Unveiled by Kristjaan Panneman





Day 17: All Is Not What It Seems by litebeing



Sonya Profile Pic


Day 18:  Die Each Day by Sonya Kassam



Puneet Hat


Day 19: Into Color by Puneet Gabriel McCorrison





Day 20: Timothy’s Death, Timothy’s Birth by Kathie Arcide



Salty and me


Day 21: Life’s Cycles of Living and Dying by Leigh Gaitskill 





Day 22: Think, Pray, Love, and Live by Cheryl-Lynn Roberts



MLunatobio pic


Day 23: There Were Moments by Michelle Lunato





Day 24: Home by Kripa Gressel





Day 25: The Ives by Marlena McGuigan





Day 26: Recognizing the Gift by Arati de la Roziere





Day 27: Death, she smells of sweet roses by Anuradha Prasad





Day 28: The New Arrivals by Soul Seeker



Apoetic1_Intentional Living_Bio Pic


Day 29: Dying to Live by Nicole Allen




Day 30:  On Living and Dying by Ra Avis


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