The Seeker’s Dungeon is where we admit, for however briefly, that the more we understand, the less we know. We live in a cause and effect world with seemingly limitless possibilities, but everyone is viewing this world from their own perspective.  Depending on our upbringing, we can see the same actions in entirely different ways.  Not only that, but the world of an ant is far different from that of a human.  When it is all about perspective, we eventually have to acknowledge that to a degree, everything that we see is illusory.  We believe in the concept of an infinite universe or an infinite God, but as finite beings, we are not capable of truly conceptualizing infinity.  When we understand this, our world of ideas and our attachment to them, begins to crumble.

If you are a seeker, this dungeon is for you.  You can store here all of the things you might try and hide from the world on your path to being more than just the sum of your parts.  The joy and the pain of duality are on constant display here, free of judgement, shame or preconceived notions.  This is your home if you are looking for a place to rest your weary heart for awhile.  For the journey is long and the troubles are real, and even the games have consequences that take years to sort out.  There are alway other hearts that can be healed through the revelations that you bring to the discussion.

Here we ask questions such as, what does it mean to live and to die, to laugh and to cry, to cherish each other and to walk with pride? We all know that if we are born we must die. Still, it doesn’t seem to matter. We continue to act towards each other as if there’s no need to appreciate the time that we have together. Moreover, we fail to consciously and vigorously search for meaning, if there is any, in this short birth.


My name is Sreejit Poole.I’m the keeper of this dungeon, but my voice is just one of the many that you’ll find here.  I was born December 13, 1974, a child of the 80’s, raised on Stephen King, Prince, hair bands and NWA until my world was rocked in 1989 when I first heard about the Hugging Saint, Mata Amritanandamayi.  I have been living in her ashrams since January 1994. I now reside at her Headquarters Ashram, Amritapuri, where I work as an International Chef. The Seeker’s Dungeon is where I pour out all of the ideas that keep me up at night, although I have also published works of fiction, the Where Love Meets War series, and poetry. I enjoy writing music as well and you can find an acoustic album of my songs, For the Record, on BandCamp. 

Please have a look around.  There are a wide range of experience and philosophies that you can find on the Contributors page.  If you are interested in adding your own voice to the Dungeon, check out the Submission guidelines.  You can also bring the topics discussed here to your own blog by joining in with Dungeon Prompts. Of course, the easiest way to be a part of The Seeker’s Dungeon Community is to join the discussion in the comment section.  I’d love to hear from you.




  1. As I read this post, it reminded my a lot of myself. Needless to say, I was very intrigued. Of course, I was terrified at the same time. I will read your book. I just need to let go of a few things first. I suppose after I read your book, that will be much easier…..

  2. Your poems reflect the subtle humaneness of the life in your words,they live the life of the subject and character. Its like reading an epic of truth!

  3. Writing for yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Main reason why alot of my writing stays in he shadows, especially from those I know. The fact that you have learned to deal with your critics (an on-going process, I know) shows me how much further I need to grow as a writer, and – by your example – how to accomplish that with grace.

  4. Hi, just followed you. I think you have a very powerful, unique style, I’m happy to have come across your blog. It’s true, to write inside someone else’s box would be to deny oneself.

  5. like your ” dare to bare ” , attitude ………. especially in today’s world of glossy social networking . …….have been blogging since a few years but i took a lot of time make my blog public………..i think its more about being secure in your own skin…….gr8 going

  6. I hear you loud and clear. I have the same feeling that I write for my own satisfaction. Should anyone reacted negatively, that is their responsibility. Kudos to you.

  7. I really like what I’ve read so far of your writing. I’ve slowly been deciding to put my poetry out to the world despite people I know reading the blog I keep. Made the decision yesterday to post a piece I would’ve usually kept to myself. I like your words on being a ‘selfish writer’, probably because that’s what I’m trying to be. I’m looking forward to seeing what you write in the future

  8. You are delightful to read! Happy or sad…sorrow or anger…I like reading YOU…it gives me courage to be myself in my writing…so though you are not seeking to inspire…YOU do! Thank you for sharing your mind! I think you and I are alike—when I read your reaction to the man “clapping” his hands to get workers to move faster…yes, that would definitely be me reacting like YOU! LOL

  9. At least, you are honest about your blog’s purpose. My blogs (poetry, sales training tips and creative writing among them) are portals to the world of interaction with others. My belief is that communication is like a universal solvent, and that the more we can do with it, the more we can have affinity for each other and find agreement, rather than disagreement. Art, then, would figure into the quality of that communication, at times.

  10. I write because it feels good and I don’t know any better. I wish I would have learned the lesson earlier. Maybe I should say it amuses me. If an occasional message slips in, that’s okay too. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. The true spirit of writing comes for writing about our own feelings, and I don’t think is selfish, I think writing is an exploration of our own soul, like in any form of art.

  12. Bravo! I know what you mean about the critic and judgement – I applaud you for being a selfish writer! That’s what is inspiring. Thank you for reading my blog.

  13. Love your words ” Exploring the mysteries of a life ravaged by pride and ego is the joy of this site!” Very promising 🙂 I like your style, & am enthralled by philosophy though know nothing of it. That would be enormously interesting.

  14. Hohoho!! Man I only got as far as reading about getting through a philosophy degree on lecture notes alone!! So true! Now I go back and read the rest…. Well. How nice to meet you in this format! I also have books to sell, just not right now (good to know this won’t help much…. damn!). Congrats on putting yourself out there/here, selfishly or not! I’ll see you in my reader – keep writing!

  15. I certainly can relate to what you are saying about writing to please yourself rather than to meet some one else’s expectations. I’m very new to blogging but already my brother has e-mailed me two long lists of suggested topics, and my Mom insists I’ve got the wrong kid as the key person in a family memory. You just have to march to your own drummer.

  16. I love Kerala! You live in a most beautiful part of this planet ~ your genuine expression betrays your deep sincerity and that is good for people to read – thank you! ☼ tomas

  17. I can certainly relate. I had no desire for learning throughout my formal educational years. As soon as I graduated, suddenly I wanted to learn about anything and everything. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  18. A “selfish writer”? Then you write for the harshest critic—

    —the only one you can’t fool, the only one that really matters: flowers in the wind.

  19. You’ve said a couple of true things, for starters writers do write to please themselves. To some extent (if you’re like me), I love to read my own stuff, probably because I had dreadful creative writing teachers that would whip my writing with a red pen while I was in school. Once someone told me that writers were the worst narcissists. Is is true? I really don’t know or want to know. Second, you’re pretty brave trying to create a platform for your writing, it’s tough out there, you should know. Bottom line, I like your honest approach about yourself, pretty awesome! By the way, thanks for taking time to read my blog!


  20. A very nice bio Sreejit. No matter what we do, and what circumstances are, we find ourselves and our meaning in life sooner or latter, we end up doing things which we like from our core. May God bless you, and you continue on your life’s journey with positivity.

  21. What a happy discovery to find your blog, Sreejit! I look forward to reading your true-to-self writing. I know that can be the hardest type of writing, well actually the easiest, with the harder part being the comments that sometimes follow. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  22. What an awesomely, powerful post!! I really appreciate your Honest writing! I try to do the same, as Recovery can be Serious, but at times funny & uplifting. Your so right, others don’t seem to be that kind to one another these days. Sad, but true. Proves that there is a Negative force within our universe.

  23. So refreshingly real and so pure in a genuine beauty is your spirit! If someone asked me why I really write, is when I was alone without friends i prayed and started writing about the love that I felt to enter within me! So when I say your words are refreshing it is true, because they are true and that is so very unique my brother! I wanted to thank you for visiting me! That is a blessing for one who writes mostly about God, genuine love, sharing and caring, lifting others! The most beautiful gift i can give someone is to make them smile, i mean really smile, because when I do their smile makes my heart smile in return! It did not cost nothing to do…it becomes such a treasure throughout the day…the spirit of their smile. Your words make me smile…thanks for always sharing them! A spiritual hug to you and blessings my brother…thank you!

  24. ‘What does it mean to live and to die, . . .’ your “mind” is attuned to seeking. Keep it up and you will find the answer to this question 🙂

  25. “I am a selfish writer. I am writing to please myself. I am writing to relieve the burdens that I feel; to share the secrets that I don’t want to keep; and simply to have a creative outlet.”

    It’s nice for me to hear someone talk like this. It encourages me that on some level it is OK to have the selfish need to express myself. I am open about who I am on my blog as well but often catch myself censoring what I write in fear that someone I know will judge me or feel offended by what I have to say. I love your honesty and I look forward to reading more of what you have to say. One of these days I may even buy your book 😉

    Thanks for visiting my blog as well. I look forward to more of your insights.

  26. Yours is the exact voice I always find myself wanting to hear more of in the blogosphere. Your expression is pure and lovely. Thank you for visiting my blog. I have no choice but to start following you–so much great content here. Thank you for sharing so honestly.

  27. “Writing inside someone else’s box,” indeed. I completely understand what you mean! I’m so glad you recognize the danger of that — you have a wonderful writer’s voice, and it would be a shame if you stifled it to please others, even if those others are people you love and who love you.

  28. Writing comes because of what grows inside. I am working through a very sad period in my whole life. What comes out of it is seen in my poetry. We are our writing. A piece of us finds its way into our writing whether it is moral indignation coming out in prose form or intense emotions in verse form. Keep up the good work.

  29. Really appreciate your writing….deep and thought provoking, raw and honest….ii feel like ive found a little treasure trrove and am looking forward tomdelving in some more. So thank you, Trees

  30. Exposing difficult thoughts with words that leave you vulnerable is courageous. You’re an inspiration, Sreejit. Congrats on a thought-provoking blog.

  31. Hi,

    I don’t know if you remember me, but I just wanted you know that I finally got around to ordering your book just a few seconds ago. I am sorry it took so long but I got busy and forgot. I will let you know what I think. I know its going to be good because the little bit I read captured me and hit home where I am in my life. You are an excellent, God gifted writer. Much love ♥

  32. Your writing is so vivid, so compelling and honest that I know many have praised it in the passed and this little note is just another one. Still, I love your writing and once again, marvel at the power of the pen. You may wish to glance at the story of the awakening of a spent nation written completely in verse at

  33. It is wonderful to find another “kindred spirit” out there, who writes for the sheer pleasure and need to do so, and no matter why you started this blog, I am overwhelmed by it’s beauty and insights. I will return again to read more. Thanks for finding mine in a sea of voices. Peace be with you.

  34. I don’t really follow anyone other than you. I was wondering if you have put your poetry into a book? I know publishing is expensive and most books go nowhere, but I’ve done my book: “Yours–A Rich, Full Life” and I have to say, it is nice to hold your soul in your hand and to be able to give it to someone.

  35. Thanks for your interest in what I offer in The Bible Through the Seasons. Your call in life is so well expressed in this post. Thank you for finding in me someone of a kindred spirit in the inner, quiet places of life. Nick

  36. You are very talented. I enjoy your writings.
    Thanks for the ‘like’ on my StudioThoughts and the chance to visit your inspiring blog.
    I look forward to reading more of your work. Continued success to you!

  37. They can occasionally get a little rowdy, but passion means more to me than perfect manners!
    A strong heart matters most, when it comes to stopping the cruelty that humans inflict on animals.

  38. I do not believe it is selfish to write for oneself. For me writing is, well the same as breath. It is a part of me. I will book mark you site so I can come back and visit your poetry. Thank you for your vislt.

  39. Belated thank you for following my poetry/blog page. Wow, you are an amazing writer. Will definitely buy your book! Perhaps that’s why WordPress is so wonderful: we get to meet and relate to people from all types of backgrounds, those who have been extremely challenged by life, and some who haven’t been. But we are here, pouring our hearts and souls out and knowing that, whatever our situation, yes… we are free! I hope I can read a lot of your work, everything I see here is so exciting to me. We write because we have to, and we read because we recognize another’s soul in their writings! Again, many apologies for lateness, because I am truly honored by people with great talent and amazing hearts who tell me I belong. Blessings to you; namaste’.

  40. I appreciate you very much Sreejit, all you are and all you do, and this most elegant inspiration of insightful embrace from the dark, I feel the warmth of the dark as our fruitful ground and the big gift of our generation, how to grow the very best fruit exactly by being great gardeners. Everything I have ever learned of great value for others has been through sharing the healing salves from pain wisely learned through, and I encourage the wide arms of your eyes and ears and voice, you have a great gift you are bearing forth. Cheers Michael

  41. What an amazing journey for all of us. My soul was stirred while reading this entry. I’ve often found myself enlightened by these quests and their existence as most important…only to fool myself into believing that it allowed me to change or to lead. After falling on my face and being humbled more and more… now I’m like a child in a better way. I don’t wish to lead, nor follow but to wall next to all of our brothers and sisters picking up trash and helping each other to just be. Good writing. 1Love!

  42. Hi, wasn’t sure where to put this, so I picked here. Thank you for stopping by Fire. I finished editing it, if you want to see the finished product. I love the look of this blog. It is way cool. 🙂

  43. Thank you for being a part of Project R, Sreejit.
    I hope this will be the first of many future collaborations. Starting this November I will be initiating discussion posts marked by the subtitle Let’s Talk Opinion, engaging other bloggers on subjects that are close to their heart. I look forward to reading your views.
    Your post for Project R was a great help, especially the beautiful reminder that we do not simply love, we are love. So a big thank you.
    Warm regards,

    1. Very glad you enjoyed it, Sreejit. Your insight was invaluable. I really appreciate your contribution as well as your support for the project in engaging with other participants as well. Thank you.

  44. Hey Sreejit, floating through your blog is an amazing soul journey, soul deep and satisfying. I would love to connect.

  45. Hi Sreejit,
    Just wanted to say thank you so much for submitting work to The Paperbook Collective this year. It has been an honour to publish your wonderful poetry, and I hope you have the chance to submit some more in 2014.
    Have a wonderful holiday season.

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  47. Sreejit,

    Fellow kindred spirit and old soul… We share a similar journey approached from different routes and wandered in unique ways. I had enough time tonight to read about you and a small sliver of your work. I am looking forward to following your blog and getting to know your unique and powerful voice. I’m very new to blogs, but slowly rediscovering, through this process, something I thought I’d lost… I hope you will follow me as well. Blessings to you.

  48. Hello Sreejit
    I read your post over at Diana’s blog, Holistic Wayfarer. I found it very interesting. We grew up very close to each other, although I am originally from Vancouver, Canada. At any rate, I’m looking forward to browsing around your blog. Looks very interesting.

  49. Thanks for swinging by my blog and liking my post. Your genuine passion shows through the few posts of yours I’ve read and I can’t wait to read more. 🙂

  50. Hi Sreejit, I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. If you choose to accept you may follow the directions on my post. It’s just my way of letting everyone know what a special person you are and how much I love your blog.

  51. It was nice to relook at your about page and see the picture from the Grand Teton trip here. I like how you are keeping all of your pages current. And I’m very impressed that this page has 794 likes!

  52. i see commotion and nameless pain in traffic here and a young man breaking down down down angers up up u…etc…i gather i as a seeker…i took the wisdom of old and the latest dance untill they werent adequat any ore..and i long almost for nothing…hope nothing…want….less cause live in a consumerdriven rich country and in this context im poor…food some cloths….i have sufferedpain since i was a young child…now i rest…

    idiotjim =D

  53. Thank-you for stopping by my blog. I am grateful because it has led me to yours. I have just glanced at some of your posts but I find your ideas and opinions to be thought provoking and I look forward to coming back and reading more!
    Sincerely, Mary 🙂

  54. Hi there, Just wanted to swing by and say thank you for checking out a post on my blog- it’s much appreciated! I’m looking forward to checking yours out 🙂

  55. I just wanted to thank you for liking my blog a few times and so I have come over to see what you are writing..very interesting especially as I do not believe religion – well faith – is separate from politics or anything! Without God there is only hell – oooooh I am some what liberal in my outlook on theology, it is our choice. Actually I will have to write this through a bit more coherently – poorly sick today. Have a good day!

  56. Aum namaH Sivaaya, I’ve been following your blog for a while now. Recently read your ebook on Amazon. Very nice. It gave me a surreal feel with the unbreakable bond to the realities of life. Well..kinda like my life after I met Amma 🙂
    Thanks for taking the time to write on your blog. It feels like I am in the Ashram watching through your eyes!

  57. I’m so pleased to meet you Sreejit. I’ve seen your comments and dungeon prompts on several blogs I follow. I have friends who have stayed at Amma’s ashram at Amritapuri, though not lived there long term as you do. Don and I spent 3 months in Tiruvannamalai in the early stages of our journey to fulfill a longtime desire to spend time at Ramana’s ashram. What a rich time that was, the contrast of intense crowded crazy India with the deep silence of the ashram. What a privilege to be able to spend time there. Thank you for choosing to follow our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer.

  58. Sreejit, I will be in Kerala in January, and I was wondering if you know of a houseboat for rent? Or someone there to contact? Also, are there drivers available in your area to drive me into the hills, or up the coast? Or do I just take a taxi or bus? Or train? Oh, and I’m hoping to stop in to your kitchen, dude, so please have some brownies happening.

    1. Cool…one out of three isn’t bad! I remember the last time I went to an ashram, planning to leave after a week, ended up staying four months. Now I’m afraid to visit ashrams, a guy can handle only so much love, you know.

  59. WOW! I am a new blogger around the word press community and this site, from the content it has to the URL, the stats, the design etc is such an inspiration to look up to! I really love how your blog is so differently set out, one of a stand outs from many that i have come across! -Cezane

  60. It’s that time of year again! I’m coming by with a weirdly stock comment to see if you’re going to join us for NaBloPoMo this year. 2016 brings with it a new site — — and there’s a signup form there if you can fill it out so I know which blog you’re rocking this year. I’m really excited to blog crazily alongside you again, so I hope you can do it.

  61. Hmmm… I don’t think I’ve been by here since your last update (you know I’m always a good 6 months + behind on everything… sigh). LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! The way you’ve shared your condensed story is wonderful. And, of course, the intro is phenomenal. Your “King without a Kingdom” persona just tickles me pink… and any time I read the full piece, I get goosebumps. It’s just sooo good. 🙂

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