If you’d like to contribute to The Seeker’s Dungeon, we have four ongoing series that you can be a part of. You are welcome to submit for one or more of them. These series are From Darkness to Light, Rage Against the Machine, On Living and Dying and Walking With Intention. Click on any of those links to get the full information and add your voice to the discussion.

You can email your ideas to sreejitpoole927@gmail.com with the event that you are submitting for written in the subject box.

Prose Submissions (essays, stories, fiction, and non fiction) should be 800 – 4000 words. Please only send well edited, final drafts for review.

Along with your submission, please send a short biography, your profile picture, blog link and the header image that you want to be featured with the post. If you feel uncomfortable sending your own profile pic then send a picture that you want to represent you. You should own the rights to all pictures that you send.

I am thrilled to add your voice to the dungeon, but no financial compensation will be given for publications. You will retain the rights to your writings and can ask for them to be removed at any time.

Not all submissions will be accepted. All submission subject matters should go along with the theme of the Seeker’s Dungeon. For examples, please check out previous offerings on our Guest Contributors page.

Thank you for your interest.



Featured image via Pixabay.