Abbie of Sidereal Catalyst: Quiet Steps of Intention

I write because my thoughts flow with more continuity through a pen onto paper in the quiet moments by myself.  I write because most people don’t understand the raw and undiluted pain that seeps from my pores.  I build a fortress of words as bricks to surround and protect myself, as my words can never be stripped from me.


Aditi Rungta: Even in the Darkness

Our life just cannot be described by some mere words, it is rather a blend of many emotions. It is a mixture of happiness and sadness, love and hatred, encouragement and decievement, opportunities and threats, success and failure, comfort and pain, joys and sorrows, trusts and cheats, or say from everything you know to you know nothing…yes this is life…a blend, a mixture of all the type of fruity emotions to make some sour,some sweet juicy experiences which every one has to taste!!!


DadAl Poole: A Trip to the Doctor & Death of a New Pair of Shoes, Find more articles on his Author Page

Alfred Poole is now figuring out retirement after a lifetime in social service, including the last 10 years running the Homelessness Intervention & Block-Grant Administration for the city of Seattle.



10615410_838575549497930_6022621609380557297_nAlya Shanty: It’s Only One & Living the Journey

Becoming…empty, left aside – everything shaken, slowly ruining inside – what known well from worldly apprehension – becoming useless, in sincere comprehension. What seemed so right, undoubted, correct, with depth of look, quite diligent, direct. Becoming just some knowledge gained in the past – forbidden – in a new perspective vast -long story of the person rising up with heavy baggage – notions and conclusions is getting lost and could not make it up. Carry another package of delusion completely – inexpressible in words -some power simply mixed it all -no more inside or outwards, it step by step crushes every wall – dismissed my “self” instead to keep, forfend, and what is left becoming worth to comprehend.


unnamedAmar Gressel: The Most Dangerous Moment of My Life & Stemming the Tide

Staying the course of a principled path isn’t always easy – just ask me – but it’s worth it.  Although I love you, you might not always understand my expression of it – but trust me – I do.



DSC00549Amira Carluccio: A Tribute to My Mom’s Random Acts of Kindness

I am a retired nurse, animal and nature lover, embarked on a new journey in search of spiritual inspiration and wholesome nourishment for the body and soul.



Amy:  I Don’t Understand

My background has taken me down many paths from degrees in math and computer science, math teacher, plus studies in child and human development, psychology, Biblical studies, plus restaurant work, volunteering, more teaching, etc. All of that is in the past as I’m now disabled to some extent and find living with others is not as easy with social media barking 24 hours a day. I am somewhat disappointed in what I see around me and would love to know I will be leaving this world in a better place for my children and that is my true passion. Hi. My name is Amy and I blog at – What’s growing in your garden today? 🙂


Ana Daksina: The Hip Woman & Tail of the Bear

Ana Daksina (a.k.a. yours foolie) is so relieved to have discovered this astonishing community of writers that she’s too gaga right now to remember anything about herself whatsoever.

She comforts herself that writers of the caliber hosted on this site must surely have found themselves in exactly the same condition not only once but actually perhaps even on numerous occasions, particularly in the early morning hours.


Anita Jung:  Finding Meaning in It

Finding herself step by step, while discovering the joy that is just waiting to be embraced.



profile-picAnuradha Prasad: Death, she smells of sweet roses

I am a writer and editor living in Bangalore, seeking to engage in life in new ways and to keep the magic alive.




6072_4222855408383_1167445314_nAparna (Linda) Aday: The Great Mystery

For the past 26 years I have taught classes and worked with individuals who are dealing with life transitions, grieving, and healing from trauma.




April Krubally: My Heart Has a Hole in It

I am light and dark, joy and sorrow, good and bad, free and bound, I am that I am.



faa2826f030256bfafafb9d0386dd177Arati de la Roziere: Embodying Intentions & Recognizing the Gift

This dance is about wanting to live fearlessly, valuing and celebrating who I am.  I imagine that my life’s journey might touch or inspire others, as I at times feel touched seeing myself reflected in someone else’s words.



Arifa Sidhpurwala: This is Me… A derivative of darkness

26, Pakistani. Wandering and Wondering. Weird and Whimsical. Witty Wordsmith. Woozy without Coffee (All in love for alliteration).

She currently calls herself a progressive writer and an amateur voice over artist. Takes immense pride in entertaining people with comic word play. Loves to write for the common good. Wants to be known as “that crazy kickass writer girl”one day. Absolutely fanatic about makeup. Loves to collect books and coins. Wants to learn to play the Guitar but can’t figure it out. Cannot live without Coffee and music.

Blog: An Aspirers Confessions


Profile Picture

Badfish: Miracles of Intention

Badfish always finds himself out of water. He tends to a hermit crab, downs Haagen Dazs, travels the world, collects sunsets, moves on, cares.



Bertie Hutchins: Finding a Way

Spanish teacher living in Bristol, UK, trying to figure out how to be a better human.




Brianna Hand: Appreciate Those Who Can Handle Walking Around in the Dark

Hello! My name is Brianna and I am a university student studying my two favourite things in the entire world – Political Science and English Literature, aka real life tea that has both catastrophic and life changing impacts on millions of people, and an extremely biased canon clogged with old white men who are both brilliant and have dictated far more than simply which novel we get to read in high school. I mean, what could be better right?

I wanted to join the WordPress community and create a personal blog for if nothing else, to track my own thought processes as I finish my university degree, and to also put the debates I seem to constantly have in my head until the moment I fall asleep…and then in my dreams, on paper. Some of the topics I include in my blog are: my take on certain current political events or issues mainly in the areas of American & Canadian Politics and International Relations, creative writing pieces, as well as the inclusion of some of my other passions in horror, conspiracies, spirituality and the jagged puzzle pieces that make up the dark side of humanity.


Brittny: Heartbroken Happiness

Brittny is a southern girl who is an avid reader and supporter of education.  She enjoys deep conversations about current events, pop culture, and the emotional rollercoasters that encompass black women and the black community as a whole.   She is a lover of family, books, and yoga.  She dibbles and dabbles in writing from time to time.


Carl D’Agostino:  The Dictatorship of the Clock

Carl D’Agostino was born in Staten Island, New York in 1949. He has lived in Miami, Florida since early childhood.  He retired in 2006 after 33 years as a high school American and world history teacher in the Miami Dade Public School System. He now lives in Greensboro, North Carolina. Besides cartooning he enjoys wood carving and collects President Franklin D. Roosevelt mantel clocks and related items. He is working on publishing several volumes of his cartoons. Currently he is focused of producing/selling prints of his Dia de los Muertos art prints.


Carrie Hopper:  My Struggle with Mental Illness

My name is Carrie. I am originally from Knoxville, Tennessee but now live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I am an avid fan of the Tennessee Vols, all things Harry Potter, and the month of October. My biggest passion is working with people who have intellectual disabilities and promoting inclusion.

To see more of my writing, visit my blog


Chaitanya Poole: To Fear or To Fly

Maybe one day I’ll be like Dumbledore, making the right decisions in every situation that comes up, but for now I just try to be better than the day before, hoping that others will forgive the mistakes I’ve made along the way, and hoping that I can walk remembering that, as Dr. King said, “In the final analysis, what God requires is that your heart is right. Salvation isn’t reaching the destination of absolute morality, but it’s being in the process and on the right road.”


CharlesAugustusCharles Augustus: Valuable Opportunities

I have been on this earth 50+ years and am still surprised at what I can learn. As one can see from my blog, I am particularly fond of Thinking, Feeling and Living; sometimes with humor, others with seriousness, but always with passion.



unnamedCheryl-Lynn Roberts: Think, Pray, Love, and Live

Her name is Cheryl-Lynn. She’s a woman, a person, a mom, a nana, a youth counsellor, a sister, a lover sometimes, a loyal friend, compassionate volunteer and lifelong student of life. She is a lover of poetry and the written word. As she explores the written word in various forms, she finds Waka (Japanese forms of poetry) and free verse help her best in discovering traces of her soul as she continues on her spiritual journey.


Chitanand Nass:  Into the Depths

Seeking to walk, run, or skip through this life, while causing as little harm as possible.  If I can make people laugh along the way, well that’s cool too.



Connor Gallagher:  And Yet it Shines

Just a man trying to get back to the light.



Dan at SturbridgeDan Antion: Walk With Intention

Husband, father, woodworker, cyclist, photographer, geek – oh wait, I’m writing this like I only have 140 characters. I am all those things, and more, and all of these passions present me with opportunities to observe, and think about things that I can’t write about in other places. I have started this blog to catch the stuff that falls out, overflows and just plain doesn’t fit the other containers in my life.


unnamedDaydreams: Threads 

Daydreams is a self-described mommy, writer, artist, and gamer among many other things. She is the keeper of a little castle in the clouds where she shares all of her thoughts and dreams with a large community of loyal readers. It’s been said, her art tends to take on a life of its own.


Elmari W: Coming Out

I am a Coloured South African woman, best described as Cape Malay with some European thrown in for good measure. I’ve lived in Australia for over a decade and, during that time, have had the ridiculous privilege of becoming the mother to two feisty, beautiful, bright female souls. They are a proud mix of Anglo-Australian, Chinese and South African.

I am a political scientist (in international relations) by training, but have only recently started considering myself a historian. As I started my PhD in History in 2013, it was probably about time. My thesis considers domestic service in Australia and Britain from 1914 to 1945, with my research interests covering gender, labour, migration, and Aboriginal history.


Eugene Palmer:  The Responsibility Gene

Eugene Palmer found a gift for fiction later in life. It became a means for him to write about love and loss. To find an avenue to express things he couldn’t express in real life. This piece sheds a little light on why his fiction is an outlet.

When he isn’t writing or working, Eugene spends time in the world. By the ocean, in the mountains, walking along rivers. Taking pictures. Experiencing peace and quiet in places where his only responsibility is to himself.


Faith's profile

Faith Eirans:  Emotional Butterflies & In My Veins, Find More articles on her Author Page

A lover of letters, words, phrases, emotions, beauty, terror, love and hate.  Faith writes stories to paint the pictures that only she is seeing.



Gary Maxwell aka YeOldeFoole: What Sort of Men

Poet and Songwriter by night
Yes I have a day job
Did I mention that I was a Foole?
2.032 meters of pure poet meat.


image1Gopi: Since You Called Me

“Consider everyone, because they are each a doorway to your own Self.” ~ Amma

Thank you Amma.



Screenshot_2015-11-06-18-55-54-1Gunamayi: Step by Step

Gunamayi is striving to walk in peace, to live with awareness, and to make her time on earth meaningful.




Heather Wittman: Guides

My name is Heather, and I am blessed with a wonderful life, just as you are because we are all alive on this beautiful planet right this very moment.  I studied and obtained a degree in Art History with a minor in History, both of which I never used for their intended purpose.  I made a choice, and had the option, to be a stay at home mom and raise two stepsons and my greatest blessing, my son.  All are grown and out into the world.  I was married for almost 20 years to their father, whom we unexpectedly lost in 2004.  It was very tragic on a number of levels, which brought me to the point of wanting to share my voice with other women in particular.  I am also a brain tumor survivor, having been diagnosed in 2002 with a meningioma.  I have been tumor free since May 13, 2002 when I underwent a craniotomy, and life is good!  As you see, my story, while different from each, is not without a little rain, which is something we must all be able to shoulder and most importantly hold our voice and place in the universe while doing so.  Admittedly, I was not always good at these things and I am still very much a work in progress.  I am a Certified Instructor at Journal to the Self® and have been able to share this gift with The Grief Project at its Sacred Journey Gathering in Minneapolis, as well as for a local hospice grief group.   I have also studied crystal healing under the guidance of John Corsa.  I am also a 200-hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) and am looking forward to seeing where that path might lead me.  I am fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful relationships, a strong spiritual practice, as well as a great dog, and if all else fails there is always chocolate and wine!  ~Namaste


The Holistic Wayfarer: The Question of Human Suffering

“…When I hit the age that embodies spiritual gestation, something happened.  I remembered I was more than a mother.  Motherhood is no less my solemn charge today than it has been the last six years.  But the woman God had created to reflect Him in her way even before she birthed her child had gone missing.  I remembered that writing is how I really breathe.”


Hugo Groenendyk: The American Dream Needs an Update

Hugo is from Winter Park, Fl and is a senior at the University of Central Florida. Having grown up spending the majority of time outdoors Hugo is very passionate about protecting the environment and finding sustainable solutions. He likes to spend his time surfing, gardening, and following politics.


Ihagh G. T.: A Journey to the Light Within

Ihagh G. T. is the owner and editor of Motivation & Environment: a website that publishes interesting articles on motivation, GOD, futurist science & technology, spirituality and environment.


website2Jagati (Bonnie) Olson: Home Grown, No Other Way, An Unexpected Journey& A Death Bed Dawning

Bonnie Olson (Jagati) works to include multi-cultural and low income folks in affairs that effect their lives.  She runs a business,Emerging Design Consulting, supporting diverse nonprofits and people to build community, equity and justice.


IMG_20151114_204016Jamerly De La Cruz: A Plan… A Healing Process…

Jamerly De La Cruz is a future educator, present blogger, and a midway fashionista. She loves learning about children as well as learning about different cultures. That is why she is majoring in Education and Anthropology. Her dream is to travel the world and document  other culture’s perspectives and policies of education, particularly focusing on “underdeveloped” areas. In her spare time, she loves planning events and has planned two fashion shows and too many dinners and parties to count. Her hope is to be able to blog for the rest of her life for various bloggers and magazines on her experiences. Until then, she is taking one step at a time with a pen in her hand and a foot halfway out the door.


IMG_0052Jamie Vilasini Otelsberg: What the Swastika Means to Me

Jamie Vilasini Otelsberg lives in Amritapuri Ashram and dabbles in design work for a good cause. She is an appreciator of good stories, art and all things history.



janelle-mangatar-roundJanelle Weibz: The Seductiveness of “Next Time”

Janelle Weibz is a Canadian writer, gamer, adventurer and “ex-expat.” Recently returned from four years in Japan, and originally from Vancouver, she currently calls Canada’s capital city Ottawa home base. Her online home base is Breaking Moulds, where she explores the question “If a person doesn’t ‘fit the mould,’ does the problem lie with the person, or the mould?” She can also be found on Twitter and Instagram as her alter-ego @genkiduck.



Jayne Noel: Coming Out

Jayne Noel started her writing journey as a college reporter during one of the most significant moments in U.S. history, September 11, 2001. This led her to politics and government writing before switching to creative writing, an MFA in Creative Writing from the Red Earth MFA program at Oklahoma City University, and many long hours trying to start a publishing business. She is a resident of Chicago, devoted to her wife, and loyal to the Chicago Cubs.


Jessica Cyphers: Enough is Enough

Jessica is a native Californian (NorCal, baby!) who’s moved nine times in the last ten years. These transplants have included several years in Taiwan and Hong Kong, the Bay Area, and the South. Currently she’s studying the Rhetoric, Writing, and Linguistics (Huh? Don’t worry — she’s confused, too) at the University of Tennessee, in Knoxville. Come check her out at Shift — because the only thing constant is change.


Kaleigh Distaffen: It’s Not Yours to Carry

I write about what’s left once the anger is gone: pain, healing, and peace. My blog is where I rewrite my definition. I don’t yet know what that definition is, but my therapist says it will come as I fill my life with things that make the moments better. Because that’s all that life is: a series of moments strung together, some good, some bad. It’s what you do with them that counts.


Kannan: Forgetting Everything Else

Living the dream – though I might forget that point sometimes…




imag0039Karen Van Benschoten: It Took a Long Time to Find Me

My hope is that my writings help, if nothing else, just one person to work through their own feelings, as survivors of abuse.



Karuna Poole: Tearing at the Fabric of Racism & Living with Purpose, Find More articles on her Author Page

Karuna Poole is a psychotherapist in private practice in Seattle, Washington.  She is author of,Getting to Joy: A western householder’s spiritual journey with Mata Amritanandamayi and Letting Go of Suffering.  You can find more information on her at or on her blog Living Learning and Letting Go


image002Kathie Arcide: Yow! There’s a Huge Spider in the Bathroom, Timothy’s Death Timothy’s Birth, Anecdote or Antidote to Rage &  I Get By with a Little Help from…

I am inseparable from my title of Gramma. But I also have important stories to share so I write. I don’t even want the title of Writer. I hate writing but am driven, reluctantly answering the damn CALL to write. So to be clear, I’m not a Writer. I just write. Need more clarification? Ask me to sing a song. I sing all the time but am NOT a singer. One tune from me and you’ll get the distinction right away.


IMG_6462Katie Morris: Something’s Got to Give

I love to LOVE. That pretty much sums me up. I am an avid explorer, a Jetpack operator, a writer, a yoga instructor, a spiritual ninja and a soulful singer.  I enjoy traveling around the world and sharing every detail on my blog Warrior Girl Yoga.



KILAYA - XMAS BryantPKKilaya Ciriello: Intention as Prayer & An Illness Saved My Life

Kilaya writes a blog that he describes as “Spiritual Thought from Many Traditions.” Although he is currently compiling a version of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras there, his favorite subject is considering the spiritual implications of quantum mechanics and string theory. If you corner him on a particularly sunny day you might hear him talk ecstatically about either Krishna or the teachings of Don Juan. His un-digitized life involves giving astrology readings to benefit the charities run by his guru, Amma.


Header PhotoKripa Gressel: Oh Goodness,  FatedHome & On Being a Lady

Writer, Thinker, Cook, Fixer, Traveler, Lover of life, with a stare-you-down look that is capable of making you rethink the mischief that you are about to engage in.



photoKristjaan Panneman: Secrets Unveiled

I am married with children and live in The Netherlands. Not so long ago I started Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, a daily haiku meme on blogspot. You can find Carpe Diem Haiku Kai at:  I write my haiku (and other Japanese poetry forms) under the pseudonym Chèvrefeuille, which is French for Honeysuckle.


Kumuda Kamm:  Growing Up in a Small Village

From one small village to another.  But I’m now living the dream at Amma’s ashram, Amritapuri. I couldn’t ask for anything more.



Lee Hamblin: This is Why I Sing

Lee Hamblin lives in Greece. He is a yoga practitioner and teacher. He also writes very short stories that have been published in various places on the internet. He tweets @kali_thea, and links to his stories can be found here:



Leigh Gaitskill: Life’s Cycles of Living and Dying, Instead of raging… love and compassion & The Long and Winding Path

She began studying yoga in 1986 with Bill Hunt, later the owner/director of Oak Park Yoga Center in Oak Park, Illinois. In 1988 she earned a teaching certificate from the teacher training program at the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. She developed classes using movements that trigger deep muscle releases and combining that with stretches and has created a manual that’s available on Kindle, called Restoring Fluidity and Freedom of Movement.  She’s been blogging since 2011 at Not Just Sassy on the Inside.


LevantineLevantine: Last Seen 26/9/2012, 8:28 AM and Pistol Shots at the Past

Once upon a time, in a kingdom fa… Oh sorry not in a kingdom, in some kind of republic, or an ex-republic, there lived a princes…  Oh sorry, just a normal girl, like any one you may have ever known…  She is not a writer but she likes to write sometimes.



Linda Lee Lyberg: The Last Call

Linda Lee Lyberg, a native Houstonian, destined by fate and the stars to be a writer. Her grandparents, father, and uncles all performed in Vaudeville. Her grandmother was a blues singer and her grandfather a contortionist. She discovered her passion for writing early on. Her dad once said to her, “Of course you’re an artist. You come from a family of artists. I’m an artist, your grandmother was an artist, and so was your grandfather.”

Linda is a wife, mother, writer, poet, and author. She resides in Mesa, AZ with her husband of 22 years and her dog, Ricky Bobby who loves to go fast.

Linda writes various forms of poetry, as well as short stories. She is also the author of a blog Charmed Chaos, where she has amassed a following of writers, kindred poets, and those who share a passion for words. You can find her at: Charmed Chaos or her Author Page on Amazon.


Lin Rose: Phoenix Rising — Rekindling the Will to Live

Lin Rose is a new writer, living near Seattle. Retirement is offering her an opportunity to find new meaning and inspiration by sifting through a lifetime of personal lessons. They might even be useful and entertaining for others.


bestblogimagelitebeing:  All Is Not What It Seems & A Simple Plea for Help

litebeing delights in assisting others in self-discovery as a blogger, astrologer, teacher, artist, mentor, writer, therapist, dreamer, intuitive guide, light worker and mystic. She has been blogging at litebeing chronicles for three years.


Lori Bonati: Lost and Found

I was born near Buffalo, New York into an incredible family. My mom is very wise and makes the best meatballs in the universe. My dad is word-smart and musical. He was the only kid in his class who knew how to spell “mosquito,” and he’s played trumpet on street corners and for British royalty. I probably inherited my dad’s love of words and music. At the age of three, I learned how to read, but my favorite activity was singing Nat King Cole songs to strangers in the supermarket. I once wrote a song about my parents, mentioning my mom’s meatballs in the chorus. I’ve lived in Buffalo, Vancouver, and Tucson … and over the years I’ve been married (twice), divorced (once), raised a family, recorded music, and had a career as a school psychologist. I just retired so that I could devote more time to the things I love.


515fd5dc5271c6c08b5129810c184d31 (2)Mandy: Learning about Love through Death

My forthcoming memoir “Secrets In Big Country” is the story of childhood sexual abuse, betrayal and abandonment. I hope by sharing my story, I can reach adults molested as children, to let them know they are not alone. Together, we can overcome the shame that comes from secret-keeping.


mark pMark Paxson: Baby Steps, Lessons and Living & Let’s Choose Love

Mark Paxson is an attorney in California. He has several blogs, including KingMidget’s Ramblings, which chronicles all the things he wants to shout to the skies;, which chronicles his life as a writer of short stories and novels; and The American River, his newest blog which chronicles his quiet moments along the American River. Mark has self published two novels and two short story collections and continues to struggle through the worlds in his head to produce more stories.


IMG_1237Marlena McGuigan: The Ives

Marlena McGuigan is an astrologer, teacher, and intuitive guide currently living and dying in Denver, Colorado. For more information on her, check out her business website at or her personal blog at


profile picMartha Stout: On Your Mind

My blog name is Martha of martha0stout and I enjoy reading and writing and (surprisingly) poetry. That last was a giant surprise that I hadn’t really thought much about until I started blogging and realized that I couldn’t live without it. I just moved out and started a farm with my sister and her children and it is a lot of work with very little return (at the moment, hopefully), but has adorable baby animals who are looking very fluffy for the winter. (Seriously, those baby goats are so fluffy I could just die!)


MLunatobio picMichelle Lunato: Everybody Lies & There Were Moments

Currently, I work as an editor for Army doctrine as a civilian and command a public affairs unit as a Soldier. Two jobs tend to keep me a bit busy. However, I find time to embrace life and try new things, like blogging!



Monika: #BeKindToElephants

I have always heard writers say ‘write about what you know best and your interests’ and have always thought this to be so cliché, however they are completely right!….’I love to travel and explore new places, whether it be in the UK or overseas’. As well as travel, I enjoy writing about anything that springs to my mind which I feel passionate about.


Apoetic1_self picNicole Allen aka Apoetic1: The Grey In Between & A Reflection on Intentional Living, Find more articles on her Author Page

Before the sunset, I was the rose that emerged from the crack in the concrete, with my parents serving as both the concrete and the crack. Hard and broken, solid and open, earth gave birth to me. Gemini – twin of the universe – living in duplicity.


Dr Noreen Ngur: The Skin I’m In

A wise sojourner once said: ‘Travel. It’s the only thing that you can buy that make you richer’.

A socially conscious 20-something year old Doctor living and working in and around London, #DrReenAbroad caught the travelling bug at a young age. With parents working an international lawyer and high-flying diplomat, she grew accustomed to up-rooting homes and traversing the globe at the drop of a hat.

It was during this impressionable time that she learned the true richness of being a global citizen. With a passport decorated with an array of foreign visas, the ‘travelling with no borders’ ideology, cultivated in youth, has carried through into her current career and lifestyle.


TracesOliana Kim: Denied Privilege, Protected: Learning to Walk With Intention & Searching

I’m a woman, a person, a mom, a nana, a youth counsellor, a sister, a lover sometimes, a loyal friend, compassionate volunteer and lifelong student of life. I am from Montréal where we have long winters and too much of that four letter word – snow! I am a lover of poetry and the written word. As I explore the written word in various forms, I am enjoying myself as well as discovering traces of my soul on this spiritual journey.


Paula Mould:  The End of My Wasted Life

Paula Mould is an author, artist, teacher and entrepreneur who’s life’s goal is to help creatives connect with themselves, their craft and earn a good living from their work. Her first book, Wake The F*ck Up!, was designed to light the creative fire in women who hit their early 40s, look around at their lives and wonder if this is all there is.

Paula’s art can be found in private collections around the world. Her portraits are known for conveying intense emotions, whether she’s painting people or animals.

Paula has teamed up with UK artist and writer Leigh Shenton to found The Creative Visionary. Together they are teaching and inspiring hundreds of creatives, artists, writers and more, from around the world to live high energy, rewarding lives.


Puneet HatPuneet Gabriel McCorrison: Into Color

When a painful nerve condition forced me to abandon my not yet begun music career in college, I turned to yoga both as a means to alleviate some of the pain and as a way to release some pent up creative energy. In the years since, however, it is the philosophy of yoga that has made the deepest impact, as it lead me to the great spiritual master, known as   Amritanandamayi or Amma. I have spent most of the past 12 years living in Amritapuri, Amma’s ashram in southern India.


2015-08-16_1439751401Rarasaur: Our Sameness, & Walking With Intent

My story is a long one, but the short version is: I love people who do things, people who hate things, people who love things, and (probably) you.



cJkYio8Rebel Willing: Smiling & Fated

Cutting through my own neurosis, finding ideas are easy to come by, sometimes truth hides out of sight, peace is my lullaby but to fight is my birthright.



IMG_20151129_120847Rudran Degnan: The Key & Thank You for Your Service

Rudran Degnan is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Notre Dame. He taught high school English in the Bronx, NY and then on the campus of the University of Connecticut. He is currently living in an ashram in Southern India trying to free his mind and out of the matrix.



Sanaa RizviSanaa Rizvi: PhoenixMomentum, The Journey of Life and Death, Rage Against Racial Prejudice, & I Woke and Felt the Fell of Dark.

Sanaa is a 20-something fun soul who loves all things poetry and literature. Having done her graduation in English Literature, she found solace in the world of poetry and quickly realized she has a knack for it herself.



Sarah: That Little Voice

I’m about family first.  The rest takes time.




IMG_2726Sarah Myers: Creating Our Reality

I am a St. Louis native and social worker who spent 10 years working with homeless addicts in North city. In about the course of a year I got married, had a child, left my job and moved to the Seattle area – made about every big change one can make.  Now I’m a stay at home mom and loving every day of it, but I’m also trying to rebuild my life around these big changes.


Sherry (Blue Sky) Marr: Earth Grief

Sherry lives and writes on the wild West Coast of Vancouver Island in Canada. One of her online personas is Wild Woman, a crone who shares her wisdom and witticisms on days when her cognitive faculties are firing. Sherry writes both poetry and prose, and has been writing since she was fourteen. She blogs at Stardreaming With Sherry Blue Sky, (   and has been on staff at Poets United, (,  an international poetry group, since 2010.


SlpmartinSlpmartin: Ghost Stories

Charles W. Martin (Reading Between the Minds) — earned his Ph.D. in Speech and Language Pathology with an emphasis in statistics. Throughout Charlie’s career, he maintained a devotion to the arts (literature/poetry, the theater, music and photography). Since his retirement in 2010, he has turned his full attention to poetry and photography.


Sonya Profile PicSonya Kassam: A Letter From God, Die Each Day, Just One Word & The Legacy of a Gentle Man

I was born in Mombasa and live in Nairobi, Kenya. Fortunate to have 2 beautiful daughters, I enjoy listening to music, reading and drinking tea…lots of tea.

I am a former banker, creativity came to me much later in life. I have been writing poetry as a regular hobby since mid-2012. I have written very little prose, simply because I like to hide behind the ambiguity that poetry offers.


meSoul Seeker: The New Arrivals

I am the Soul Seeker/God Seeker. I’ve created a purpose to learn as much as I can to help further my enlightenment and to finally understand that no amount of knowledge and money will have you meet with your maker; only loving submission can. In this life, my endeavor is to learn, submit and shorten my distance to my maker, how much ever I can.

Srividya Sheshadri: Born to the Brothels

Srividya Sheshadri is a Research Associate at Ammachi Labs, a research department out of Amrita University dedicated to developing technologies designed to improve quality of life for the most underserved sectors of society.


Tobe: Rectitude

I am Okoh Rachel Tobechukwu and I love to express myself by writing. I live, love and breath joy and I spread love as I go.



fae55a27c58276d503d2f14e3fbbbb33Trevor Washington: Don’t Ask Me to Look at the Moon, Overcoming Fantasy on the Road to Living an Authentic Life &  Hear Me Roar

– Don’t look, for you’ll never find me.



Uncle BillUncle Bill: The Truth I Live By

Wise words from my late, awesome Uncle Bill.




vince profile pictureVince Horan: Living With Intention, Reflections on Living and Dying, Letter to the Editor & Into the Darkness

I am the owner/counselor of Horan Counseling Services for 24 years. I work with my wife Sandra. I have also owner/director/ counselor at Passages Professional Counseling Services for more than six years. I also worked in a drug and alcohol treatment center, was a Youth Minister at St. Frances Cabrini Parish, and a counselor at Catholic Community Services. I have a Doctor of Ministries degree from the Jesuit School of theology in Berkeley, CA., A Master’s Degree in Counseling from Gonzaga University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Seattle University. I taught counseling at Pierce College in Lakewood, WA. And I am a Vietnam veteran.  (You can contact Vince through email at and find his book Boy Soldier on Amazon


unnamedWendell A. Brown: Freedom Song

Each day is a blessing to me as I awaken. I am daily blessed by the two loves in my life, God, and my wife Deborah! I receive the Lords blessing with a smile from the rising morning sun…and also from the smile I see when my wife awakens…between the both of them I am nourished by their special love. They paint the color of my day with a certain happiness that stays. I choose to share what I feel in words daily to all who read and embrace my poems, reminding them to take time to smell the roses in their lives. I believe that by doing that others will also seek out that same love to live within them. To me sharing a genuine spiritual smile with others is a most exquisite blessing…a treasure that will always last throughout the day. There is nothing like the blessing of smiling words! Always remember the words of our Lord that we should love our brothers and sisters as ourselves, as we are all children of the same living God, whose love showers us with blessings each day and we should emulate this by selflessly sharing the love alive within us with everyone we meet! Thanks for visiting my blog site, and may God always bless you everyday of your lives!


And Featured Artist:

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Aleksandra Bhagavati Kerzhentceva, the Growth of a Natural

Follow the growth of a natural artists as her journey takes her beyond the canvas to the enlightening of her soul.




Pune Puneet 1-2

Puneet Gabriel McCorrison; Indie Spotlight

His music should  be all over the radio. You can support him by subscribing to his YouTube channel here: The Puneet Gabriel Channel.



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