The Need for Compassion in Today’s World

If you’re interested in spirituality, feminism, or the need for compassion in today’s world, don’t miss this awesome interview that Amma gave this month at Stanford University.

Last Seen: 26/9/2012, 8:28 am – by Levantine

I wrote this story on the memorial of my beloved one, Maya Naser, a journalist who was martyred on 26/9/2012, but I didn’t then have the courage or the strength to share it. Last seen:  26/9/2012 8:28 am That’s what is written on his WhatsApp profile, but for me he was last seen at 24/9/2012 …

A Trip to the Doctor

A Memoir by Al Poole, Part 1   The middle aged man took another look at his passenger and resolved to put what he knew were unreasonable thoughts out of his head. His job as a youth counselor at the local detention center was a blessing for a black man in Norfolk, Virginia in the …

Our Sameness

I’m a Moggie– or, at least, that’s what the world would call me if I was a cat. You might be more familiar or comfortable with other terms.  A domestic.  A half-breed.  A mutt.  A masala.  A mestizo.  Mixed race. Multi-ethnic.  Multi-cultural.  Of hyphenated blood. In many ways, nothing defines me more than this inability …

Love Letter

This is not a love letter, don’t you see my eyes redder? I’m standing in your path – don’t give that side-ways glance – I want the full look, and the smile too, and a few words about how it’s this hard for you.

Denied Privilege, Guest Post: Oliana Kim

Today I bring you Oliana Kim from Traces of the Soul.  I find her blog to be one of the most honest and insightful that I’ve read.  You usually feel like you did something right by reading her words, as they are inspired and imbued with wisdom.

The Truth I Live By, Guest Post: Uncle Bill

When you have someone close to you die as a kid, the memory of that person tends to stay larger than life.  My Uncle Bill was cool for a grown up.  He encouraged my subpar piano skills, and turned me on to cool music and literature.  He made me a tape called classical music for …

Learning about Love through Death, Guest Post: Mandy

Today’s Guest Post is from Mandy of the awesome blog Healing Beyond Survival.  Please check out her site as you cannot help but be moved, inspired and educated there.

Tearing at the Fabric of Racism, Guest Post: Karuna Poole

Tearing at the Fabric of Racism by Karuna Poole Sreejit began his poem, A Couple of Brats, with the line “A political statement until they had us,” referring to the births of his sister and himself, kids with a white mother and a black father.  While I knew that line was true, at least to …

Oh, Goodness… Guest Post: Kripa Gressel

Today’s Guest Post is from an old friend, the charming, the wise, the always slightly dancing, Kripa Gressel.  After spending this short time with her I am sure that you’ll be on the growing list of those encouraging her to start a blog.  Thank you Kripa for your words.   Oh, Goodness… When Sreejit invited …