Dungeon Prompts: Blogger Introductions – present some of the awesome bloggers flying under the radar

This week’s prompt is:   Blogger Introductions   The Blogosphere can be like a party, with the dancers over here, the drinkers over there, the gamers, the commiserates, the extroverts and the introverts.  We all know people in this world that are so cool to us but, for some reason or another don’t have many friends …

Dungeon Prompts: What Does Love Look Like?

This week’s prompt is:   What Does Love Look Like?  “That’s what real love looks like—when your companion believes in you when no one else does. True love can really be that little red balloon that lifts you up through life’s storm.”

Dungeon Prompts: Secrets

This week’s prompt is:   Secrets  “And when at last you find someone to whom you feel you can pour out your soul, you stop in shock at the words you utter— they are so rusty, so ugly, so meaningless and feeble from being kept in the small cramped dark inside you so long.”