Where the Storytellers Dwell

No one guards the places where the storytellers dwell, where currency is non-existent because ideas are not for sell – being that ideas flow freely, floating on moonbeams of wonder – waiting to be deciphered before they are lost or torn asunder – these bards sometimes disappear, following the light into their storms, and wander …

Portraits of India


A King Without A Kingdom

I am a King without a Kingdom, in a world with many masters, wrapped in the spoils of a jealous heart, and my people’s callous laughter. Trudging through a battlefield of broken dreams and compromise, indecision, my weapon of choice serves me well in ‘getting by.’ The chair from which I rule on high demands …

Playing the Long Game

Fathers play the long game, teaching us how to see that being a man is more than a gift of self-righteous dignity.

Dungeon Prompts: The Message We’re Selling

This week’s prompt is:  The Message We’re Selling  

Dungeon Prompts: Our Hidden Modus Operandi

This week’s prompt is:  Our Hidden Modus Operandi 

Dungeon Prompts: Self-Expression

This week’s prompt is:   Self-Expression  

Dungeon Prompts: Entertain with the Mundane

This week’s prompt is:   Entertain with the Mundane  

A Trip to the Doctor

A Memoir by Al Poole, Part 1   The middle aged man took another look at his passenger and resolved to put what he knew were unreasonable thoughts out of his head. His job as a youth counselor at the local detention center was a blessing for a black man in Norfolk, Virginia in the …

Dungeon Prompts: Blogger Introductions – present some of the awesome bloggers flying under the radar

This week’s prompt is:   Blogger Introductions   The Blogosphere can be like a party, with the dancers over here, the drinkers over there, the gamers, the commiserates, the extroverts and the introverts.  We all know people in this world that are so cool to us but, for some reason or another don’t have many friends …