Born December 13, 1974, Sreejit Poole has lived in the Ashrams of the Hugging Saint, Mata Amritanandamayi, since January 1994. Now residing at her Headquarters Ashram, Amritapuri, he works as an International Chef. Sreejit is best known for his blog, The Seeker’s Dungeon, as well as having many published works of fiction, including the series Where Love Meets War, and works of poetry. Sreejit is also a songwriter and has released his debut album, For the Record, that can be found at BandCamp. He describes his music as, “Blues-Folk-Poetry-Soul to bridge the heart and mind – a little bit of emotional instability to open up the possibilities – old school for the old souls, and we are all old souls after all – just in want of a little humanity.”